1 Chronicles 15

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 15

Chapter Overview:

David prepares to bring up the ark, ver. 1 - 24.
It is brought up, ver. 25 - 28.
Michal despises him, ver. 29.
15:1Houses - A palace consisting of many houses or apartments for his several wives and children. A tent - He did not fetch the tabernacleof Moses from Gibeon, because he intended forthwith to build thetemple.
15:5The sons - Of Amram or Izhar, Kohath's sons, Numbers 3:27 , otherwiseElizaphan, ver. 8 ,and Hebron, ver. 9 ,and Uzziel, ver. 10 ,were Kohath's children.
15:11The Priests - Abiathar the high - priest, and Zadok the second priest.
15:18Second degree - The first rank of sacred musicians being those three famous persons named ver. 17 , next to whom were these here named.Porters - who were to keep the doors of the tabernacle and courts,but with all were instructed in musick, that when these were freefrom attendance upon their proper office, they might not be idle norunprofitable in God's house.
15:20Alamoth - Or, with Alamoth which is thought to be the name of an instrument of musick; or of a certain tune, or note, or part in musick.The certain signification of it is not now known; and the like may be saidof Sheminith, ver. 21 .
15:21To excel - Which word may be added to note the excellency of that instrument, or part of musick; or that there was a greater extension orelevation of the voice than in the former. This way of praising God bymusical instruments, had not hitherto been in use. But David institutedit by divine direction, and added it to the other ordinances of thatdispensation.
15:22For song - He was the moderator of the musick, instructing them when and how to lift up their voices, or change their notes, or maketheir stops.
15:23Door - keepers - They were appointed to keep the door of the tent in which the ark was to be kept, that no unallowed person might pressin and touch it; and in like manner they were to attend upon the ark inthe way, and to guard it from the press and touch of prophane hands; forwhich end these two went before the ark, is their other two brethrenmentioned in the close of ver. 24 , came after it.
15:26Helped - Encouraging them in their work with some comfortable sign of his presence with them. In all our religious exercises, wemust derive help from heaven. God's ministers that bare the vesselsof the Lord, have special need of divine help in their ministrations,that God may be glorified thereby, and the people edified.
15:27Linen - With a linen ephod. This circumstance is repeated, because it was an unusual thing for one, who was no Levite, to weara Levitical garment.