1 Chronicles 22

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 22

Chapter Overview:

David prepares for building the temple, ver. 1 - 5.
Instructs Solomon concerning the work, ver. 6 - 16.
Commands the princes to assist him therein, ver. 17 - 19.
22:1Said - Thro' the instinct and direction of God's spirit, by which as he is said to have had the pattern of the house, porch, altar, &c. 1 Chronicles 28:11 ,12,19, so doubtless he was instructed as to the placewhere the house should be built. This - This is the place appointed byGod for the building of his temple and altar.
22:5Prepared, &c. - And good reason, because it was intended for the honour of the great God, and was to be a type of Christ, in whom allfulness dwells, and in whom are hid all treasures.
22:8Shed blood - Not that wars are simply unlawful, but to teach us that the church (whereof the temple was an illustrious type) should bebuilt by Christ, the prince of peace, Isaiah 9:6 , and that it shouldbe gathered and built up, not by might or power but by God'sspirit, Zechariah 4:6 , and by the preaching the Gospel of peace.David therefore was less fit for that service, than one who had not beencalled to such bloody work. Likewise by setting him aside for this reason,God shewed how precious human life is to him.
22:14Trouble - This he alleges as a reason why he could do no more, because of the many wars, whereby much of his treasures were exhausted.Talents - A talent of Gold in the first constitution was three thousandshekels, as may be gathered from Exodus 38:24 ,25,26, and so this amountsto a vast sum, yet not impossible for David to get, considering how manyand great conquests he made, and what vast spoils and presents he got; andthat he endeavoured by all honourable ways to get as much as he could, outof zeal for God's house. And whereas some object, that this quantity ofgold and silver was sufficient, tho' the whole fabrick of the temple hadconsisted of massy gold and silver, it is to be considered, that all thistreasure was not spent upon the materials of the temple, but a great partof it upon the workmen, who were nigh two hundred thousand, whereof a greatnumber were officers, and what was not employed in the building of thetemple, was laid up in the sacred treasures.
22:16Be doing - When thou shalt come to the throne. The sense of God's presence must not slacken our endeavours; because he is with us,we must rise and be doing. Then he will be with us even to the end.Work out your salvation, and God will work in you.