1 Chronicles 21

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 21

Chapter Overview:

David causes Joab to number the people, ver. 1 - 6.
He repents, ver. 7, 8.
God gives him his choice of three judgments, and he chuses the pestilence, ver. 9 - 13.
The havock made thereby: Jerusalem spared, ver. 14, 15.
David's prayer, ver. 16, 17.
His sacrifice and staying of the plague, ver. 18 - 30.
21:1Satan stood - Before the Lord and his tribunal to accuse David and Israel, and to beg God's permission to tempt David.Standing is the accusers posture before men's tribunals; andconsequently the holy scripture (which useth to speak of the things ofGod, after the manner of men, to bring them down to our capacities)elsewhere represent Satan in this posture.
21:3Why, &c. - Or, why should this be a cause of trespass, or an occasion of punishment to Israel? God commonly punishes the peoplefor the sins of their rulers, because they are for the most part guiltyof their sins in one kind or other; or at least God takes this occasionto punish people for all their sins.
21:6Counted not - Partly for the following reason; and principally by God's gracious providence to Levi, because they were devoted to hisservice; and to Benjamin, because they were the least of all the tribes,having been almost extinct, Judges 21:6 , and because God foresaw thatthey would be faithful to the house of David in the division of thetribes, and therefore he would not have them diminished. And Joab alsopresumed to leave these two tribes unnumbered, because he had speciouspretences for it; for Levi, because they were no warriors, and theking's command reached only of those that drew sword. And forBenjamin, because they, being so small a tribe, and bordering uponJerusalem, might easily be numbered afterward.
21:7Displeased - Because this was done without any colour of necessity, and out of mere curiosity, and ostentation.
21:14There fell, &c. - He was proud of the number of his people, but God took a course to make them fewer. Justly is that we are proud of so,taken from us, or embittered to us.
21:16Sackcloth - In mourning garments, humbling themselves before God for their sins, and deprecating his wrath against the people.
21:18Set up an altar, &c. - The commanding of David to build an altar, was a blessed token of reconciliation. For if God had beenpleased to kill him, he would not have commanded, because he wouldnot have accepted a sacrifice at his hands.
21:20Hid themselves - Because of the glory and majesty in which the angel appeared, which mens weak natures are not able to bear; and fromthe fear of God's vengeance which now seemed to be coming to their family.
21:25Six hundred - We read, 24:24 , he gave fifty shekels of gold: that is, he gave ingold the value of six hundred shekels of silver.
21:26By fire - Heb. by fire sent from heaven: which was the sign of God's acceptance. The fire that might justly have fastened onthe sinner, fastened upon the sacrifice and consumed it. Thus Christwas made sin and a curse for us, and it pleased the Lord to bruise him,that through him God might be to us, not a consuming fire, but a reconciledFather.
21:28Sacrificed - When he perceived that his sacrifice was acceptable to God, he proceeded to offer more sacrifices in that place.
21:30Afraid - When he saw the angel stand with his drawn sword over Jerusalem, he durst not go away to Gibeon, lest the angel in themean time should destroy Jerusalem: for the prevention whereof hethought it proper to worship God in that place, which he had consecratedby his special presence and acceptance.