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1 Chronicles 24

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 24

Chapter Overview:

The distribution of the priests, ver. 1 - 19.
Of the Levites, ver. 20 - 31.
24:1Divisions - The several branches into which that family was divided.
24:2Therefore, &c. - Were the only persons to whom the execution of that office was committed.
24:3Distributed - Allotting to each of them several times, wherein they should by turns have the government of holy ministrations.
24:5By lot - That the disposal thereof might be of the Lord, and so all contention be prevented, as no man could be charged with partiality,nor could any say, they had wrong done them. In like manner Matthiaswas chosen to the apostleship by lot with prayer. And I know not, saysMr. Henry, but it might be still used in faith, in parallel cases, asan instituted ordinance. Of God - Or rather, of the things of God,that is, of all persons ministering in the sanctuary, and of all holyministrations done in it, and of all other matters of the Lord, asthey are called by way of distinction from, the king's matters, 2 Chronicles 19:11 .
24:6One, &c. - Or, the chief of one house of the fathers was taken (by lot) for Eleazar (out of his family) and that which was takenafter it was taken for Ithamar, out of his family. So the first lotfell to Eleazar, and the second to Ithamar, the third to Eleazar,and the fourth to Ithamar, so successively, 'till all the families ofIthamar had received their lots. And afterwards all the lots came forthto the rest of Eleazar's families, which were double in number to thoseof Ithamar.
24:7Came - Out of the vessel in which all the lots were put together, and out of which they were severally taken.
24:19These, &c. - In this order and method they were to come to perform the offices of the temple. To come - To come into the templeevery sabbath - day, and to continue there 'till the next sabbath, whenthey were relieved by others. Aaron - Under the direction of thehigh - priests, whom he calls Aaron, because he represented his personand executed his office, and their father, because of the authoritywhich by God's appointment he had over them.
24:31Over against - Answerable for number and order to those of the priests, so that there should be a course of the Levites for eachcourse of the priests.