2 Chronicles 1

The Book of 2 Chronicles
Chapter 1

Chapter Overview:

Solomon's sacrifices, ver. 1 - 6.
His prayer and God's answer, ver. 7 - 12.
The strength, wealth, and trade of Israel, ver. 13 - 17.


1:2Spake - Concerning his intention of going to Gibeon, and that they should attend him thither.
1:4The ark - He separated the ark from the tabernacle, and brought it to Jerusalem, where he intended to build a more noble and lasting habitation for it.
1:5Sought - Sought the Lord and his favour by hearty prayers and sacrifices in the place which God had appointed.
1:8To reign, &c. - Give me the spirit of my father David, that Israel may not suffer by the change. The eminency of those that went before us, and the obligation that lies upon us, to keep and carry on the good work they were engaged in, should quicken our prayers for wisdom and grace, that we may do the work of God in our day, as faithful as they did in theirs.
1:12 Neither &c. - Those that make this world their end, come shortof the other, and frequently of this too. But those who make the other world their end, shall not only obtain that, but shalt have as much as is convenient of this world in their way.