2 Chronicles 15

The Book of 2 Chronicles
Chapter 15

Chapter Overview:

God's message to Asa, ver. 1 - 7.
Idols removed and the spoil dedicated to God, ver. 8 - 11.
Judah makes a covenant with God, ver. 12 - 15.
Asa removes his mother, destroys her idol, and brings the dedicated things into the temple, ver. 16 - 18.
He has great peace, ver. 19.
15:1Spirit of God - Both to instruct him what to say, and to enable him to say it plainly and boldly.
15:3Now Israel - They have long lived without the found knowledge and worship of the true God. Israel is here understood of the whole nation of Israel in former times, and especially in the times of the judges: for then many times they were in a great measure, without God and his law, and teaching priests, as plainly appears from the book of the Judges; they were brought to all the exigencies and calamities following; and they sometimes turned to the Lord, and he was found of them.
15:5In those times - When Israel lived in the gross neglect of God and his law. No peace - Men could not go abroad about their private occasions without great danger; as it was in the days of Shamgar, Judges 5:6 .
15:6And nation, &c. - One part of the people of Israel destroyed the other by civil wars. As all Israel are called a nation, so the several tribes of them are sometimes called nations.
15:7Be strong - Go on resolutely to maintain God's worship and to root out idolatry, as you have begun to do; for this is the only method of preserving yourselves from such calamities as your predecessors have felt.
15:8Of Oded - Of Azariah, ver. 1 , who was also called by his father's name Oded.
15:12Into covenant - The matter of this covenant was nothing but what they were before obliged to. And tho' no promise could lay any higher obligation upon them, than they were already under, yet it would help to increase their sense of the obligation, and to arm them against temptations. And by joining all together in this, they strengthened the hands of each other
15:15Rejoiced at the oath - The times of renewing our covenant with God, should be times of rejoicing. It is an honour and happiness to be in bonds with God. And the closer, the better.