2 Kings 7

The Book of 2 Kings
Chapter 7

Chapter Overview:

Elisha foretells plenty, and the death of the unbelieving lord, ver. 1, 2.
Four lepers discover that the Syrians are fled, and bring the news into the city, ver. 3 - 11.
The king sends messengers in order to be assured of the truth, ver. 12 - 15.
Sudden plenty and the death of the unbelieving lord, ver. 16 - 20.
7:1Measure - Heb. Seah, a measure containing six cabs, or about a peck and pottle of our measure.
7:2Windows - Through which he could rain down corn, as once he did Manna.
7:6Hittites - Under which name (as elsewhere under the name of the Amorites) he seems to understand all the people of Canaan.For though the greatest number of that people were destroyed, yet very many of them were spared, and many of them upon Joshua's coming, fled away, some to remote parts, others to the lands bordering upon Canaan, where they seated themselves, and grew numerous and powerful.Kings - Either the king of Egypt, the plural number being put for the singular, or, the princes and governors of the several provinces in Egypt.
7:7Fled - None of them had so much sense as to send scouts to discover the supposed enemy, much less, courage enough to face them.God can when he pleases, dispirit the boldest, and make the stoutest heart to tremble. They that will not fear God, he can make them fear at the shaking of a leaf. Perhaps Gehazi was one of these lepers, which might occasion his being taken notice of by the king, chap. 8:4 .
7:13Behold, &c. - The words may be rendered, Behold, they are of a truth (the Hebrew prefix, Caph, being not here a note of similitude, but an affirmation of the truth and certainty of the things, as it is taken Numbers 11:1 2ki 7: , 9:10 , ) all the multitude of the horses of Israel that are left in it: behold, I say, they are even all the multitude of the horses of the Israelites, which (which multitude) are consumed, reduced to this small number, all consumed except these five. And this was indeed worthy of a double behold, to shew what mischief the famine had done both upon men and beasts, and to what a low ebb the king of Israel was come, that all his troops of horses, to which he had trusted, were shrunk to so small a number.
7:20And so it fell out, &c. - See how heinously God resents our distrust of his power, providence and promise! Whenever God promises the end, he knows where to provide the means.