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2Ch Intro



This book begins with the reign of Solomon, continues the history ofChapter Overview:

the kings of Judah to the captivity, and concludes with the fall of that illustrious monarchy and the destruction of the temple. That monarchy, as it was prior in time, so it was in dignity to the four which Nebuchadnezzar dreamed of. The Babylonian began in Nebuchadnezzar himself, and lasted about seventy years: the Persian monarchy, in several families, about an hundred and thirty: the Grecian, in its several branches, about three hundred: and three hundred more went far with the Roman. Whereas the monarchy of Judah continued considerable in a lineal descent, between four and five hundred years.We had the story of the house of David before intermixt with that of the kings of Israel: but here we have its entire, much is repeated here which we had before: yet many passages are enlarged on, and divers added which we had not before, especially relating to religion: the reign of Solomon we have, chap. 1 - 9. That of Rehoboam, chap. 10 - 12.
The short reign of Ahijah, chap. 13. The long rein of Asa, chap.
14 - 16. The reign of Jehoshaphat, chap. 17 - 20. Of Jehoram and
Ahaziah, chap. 21, 22. Of Joash and Amaziah, chap. 23 - 25. Of
Uzziah, chap. 26. Of Jotham, chap. 27. Of Ahaz, chap. 28. Of
Hezekiah, chap. 29 - 32. Of Manasseh and Amon, chap. 33. Of
Josiah, chap. 34, 35. Of his sons, chap. 36.

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