Isaiah 31

The Book of Isaiah
Chapter 31

Chapter Overview:

The folly and punishment of trusting in Egypt, ver. 1 - 3.
God will fight for Jerusalem, ver 4, 5.
If they will turn unto him, ver. 6, 7.
The fall of Assyria, ver. 8, 9.
31:1Horses - For Egypt had many and choice horses.
31:2He is safe - You think you are safe, in engaging the Egyptians; but God is not inferior to them in wisdom or strength, and therefore you have done foolishly, in preferring them before him, who will execute his judgments upon you, notwithstanding all the Egyptians can do.The help - The helpers, as it is explained in the next verse.
31:3Flesh - Weak and frail.
31:4For - Although you have done evil in sending to Egypt for help, yet the Lord himself will, of his own grace, give you that help which you do not deserve.
31:5As birds - Which come from above, and so cannot be kept off; which fly swiftly, and engage resolutely, when their young ones are in danger.Passing over - The destroying angel shall pass over Jerusalem.
31:8The sword - Not of any man, but of an angel. Discomfited - Heb.shall melt away, a great part of them being destroyed by the angel; and the hearts of the rest melting for fear.
31:9He - Sennacherib shall flee away, from Jerusalem, to his strong city of Nineveh. The ensign - Of the Lord's ensign, which he hath lifted up against them. Whose fire - Who is, and will appear to be in Zion, like a fire to defend his people, and to consume their enemies.