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Jeremiah 11

The Book of Jeremiah
Chapter 11

Chapter Overview:

God's covenant, ver. 1 - 7.
Their disobedience, ver. 8 - 10.
Evils to come on them, ver. 11 - 17.
and on the men of Anathoth, for conspiring to kill Jeremiah, ver. 18 - 23.


11:2Of this covenant - The covenant here spoken of, was the covenant of the law of God, delivered by Moses, to which the people more than once promised obedience.
11:5So be it - God having ended his speech, the prophet saith, Amen, either asserting the truth of which God had said, or wishing that the people would do according to their covenant.
11:8Did them not - For this God threatens to bring upon them all his words of threatening, annexed to the covenant of the law.
11:9A conspiracy - All sorts of people have done alike, as if they had conspired together to break my law.
11:11I will not hearken - God will not hear them crying to him in their adversity, who refuse to hear him speaking to them in their prosperity.
11:13That shameful thing - Baal, called a shameful thing, because it was what they had reason to be ashamed of, and what would certainly bring them to shame and confusion. Baal - Signifies Lord, and was a common name given to more idols than one; the Phoenicians used the name Baal, the Chaldeans, Bell. Learned men say, that the Asians called the same idol Baal, whom those of Europe called Jupiter. It is not improbable, that the Heathens acknowledging one supreme being, worshipped him in several creatures; some mistaking the Sun, Moon, and Stars to be he, others, other things; these they called Baalim, Lords, as they called the principal god, Baal.
11:15My beloved - My people, saith God, though I was formerly their husband, yet have wrought lewdness with many, that is, committed idolatry with many idols, and now what have they to do more in my house?The holy flesh - Flesh of their sacrifices, being set before idols, as well as before God, became polluted, and was abomination to the Lord.Thou rejoicest - They were not only evil but gloried in their wickedness.
11:16Fair - The Lord fixed thee when he brought thee first into Canaan, in a flourishing condition, like a fair olive - tree, fit to bear goodly fruit. Broken - But thou hast so behaved thyself, that he who planted thee, is about to pluck thee up. God is about to kindle a fire which will burn thee up, and to break thy branches.
11:18Thou shewedst me - This may be understood with relation to that conspiracy which is mentioned in the following verses.
11:19Let us destroy - We have no other mention of this conspiracy, but it is plain both from this verse, and what follows, that the men of Anathoth (which was Jeremiah's own town) were offended at his prophesying, and had conspired to kill him.Let us destroy the tree with the fruit thereof - Let us not only put an end to his prophesying, but to his life.