Micah 3

The Book of Micah
Chapter 3

Chapter Overview:

The prophet reproves oppressing princes, ver. 1 - 4.
And false prophets, ver. 5 - 7.
And threatens both, ver. 8 - 12.
3:1Is it not for you - Ought not you to understand, and conform to, the just laws of your God. You princes, magistrates, and ruling officers, ought of all men to know and do right.
3:2The good - Ye who hate not only to do good, but the good which is done, and those that do it. The evil - Chuse, and delight in, both evil works and evil workers. Who pluck it off - Ye who use the flock as cruelly as the shepherd, who instead of shearing the fleece, would pluck off the skin and flesh.
3:3The flesh - Ye who devour the goods, and livelihood of your brethren. Break their bones - An allusion to wolves, bears, or lions, which devour the flesh, and break the bones of the defenceless lambs.
3:4Then - When these miseries come upon them.
3:5That bite - When they are furnished with gifts, and well fed.Prepare war - They do them all the mischief they can.
3:6Night - Heavy calamities. A vision - You shall no more pretend to have a vision, or dare to foretell any thing.And the sun - The hand of God shall be against them, making their sorrows the more dreadful, as darkness by the sun going down at noon.
3:7The seers - So called by the deceived people.Cover their lips - Mourners did thus, Ezekiel 24:17 ,22.So these shall mourn and pine in their shame.No answer - Because the answer they had formerly, pretended to be from God, now appears not to have been from him.
3:8Power - Courage, and vivacity. Of judgment - To discern times and seasons, right from wrong. Might - Resolution.
3:10They - The heads and great ones enlarge, beautify, and fortify, the house in Zion, particularly the temple and the royal palace.Blood - With wealth, which they made themselves masters of by violence, taking away the life of the owners.
3:11Lean - Pretend to trust in him.Among us - As our God and our shield.
3:12For your sake - Because of your sins.The mountain - The mountain, on which the temple stood.This is that passage, which is quoted, Jeremiah 26:18 , which Hezekiah and his princes took well: yea, they repented and so the execution of it did not come in their days.