Micah 7

The Book of Micah
Chapter 7

Chapter Overview:

The total corruption of the people, ver. 1 - 6.
Those who fear God are to take courage, to be patient, to expect long trouble, ver. 7 - 13.
And to encourage themselves with God's promises, and faithfulness, and the future downfall of their enemies, ver. 14 - 20.
7:1Woe is me - The land is brought in complaining, that whereas it was once well stored, now it hath few good in it.As the grape - gleanings - In Israel and Judah, which in bringing forth good men, should have been a fruitful vine full of clusters: just, compassionate and humble men, are as grapes after the vintage is gathered. Desired - But in vain.
7:3Both hands - With all diligence. The great man - The great man at court, who can do what he will there. Uttereth - Is bold to speak plainly. Desire - His unjust, oppressive design. They - They all jointly promote violence and cruelty.
7:4As a briar - Mischievous and hurtful. The day - The day in which they shall sound the alarm. Cometh - Surely, speedily, and unavoidably.Now - When that day is come.
7:7Therefore - Since all sorts of men are so perfidious.Look - As one set in a watch - tower looks round about, and diligently observes all that stirs, so will the prophet; so did they who in Israel and Judah feared the Lord.
7:8Rejoice not - The prophet personates the church. Let it be no matter of glorying to thee, that the day of calamity hath overtaken me.In darkness - When affliction, war, famine, and captivity cover me.A light - Shall support, comfort and deliver me.
7:9Plead - Against mine enemy, now he pleads his own cause against me. His righteousness - The truth and riches of his promised salvation.
7:10She - What nation or people soever. Shall behold - The people of God shall see their enemies laid low.
7:11Thy walls - O Jerusalem. The decree - Of Artaxerxes, which forbad the re - building of the temple. Removed - Abolished.
7:12In that day - After the return out of captivity.He - He who is of Jewish race. To thee - O Jerusalem.The fortified cities - In which many Jews were kept for servile works. To the river - To Euphrates. To sea - From the Caspian to the Persian and to the Midland sea. From mountain - That is, from all parts of their captivity, they shall return to their own country.
7:13Not withstanding - These promises of restitution, which took not place 'till more than two hundred years after.
7:14Feed - So Christ directs his officers. With thy rod - In allusion to the custom of shepherds who guided their sheep by a pastoral staff. In the wood - Protect and guide those that in their present captive state are solitary, compassed with dangers.Carmel - A fruitful place and well inhabited. In Bashan - A place of note for fruitfulness. Gilead - Equal with any of the other for plenty and safety.
7:16Shall be deaf - They shall neither care to hear, nor to speak of it.
7:17Lick the dust - In the most submissive, servile manner, testify their subjection. Holes - Their strong holds, and fastnesses.Because of thee - So that the name of Jews, shall be terrible to their enemies.