Numbers 28

The Book of Numbers
Chapter 28

Chapter Overview:

Laws concerning the daily, ver. 1 - 8.
Weekly, ver. 9 - 10.
Monthly, ver 11 - 15.
Yearly sacrifices, ver. 16 - 31.


28:2Command the children of Israel - God here repeats some of the former laws about sacrifices, not without great reason, partly because they had been generally discontinued for thirty eight years together; partly because the generation to which the former laws had been given about these things was wholly dead, and it was fit the new generation should be instructed about them, as their parents were; partly to renew their testimonies of God's grace and mercy, notwithstanding their frequent forfeitures thereof by their rebellion: and principally because they were now ready to enter into that land, in which they were obliged to put these things in practice.
28:7In the holy place - Upon the altar of burnt offerings, which was in the court of the priests, nigh to the entrance into the sanctuary.
28:17The feast - Namely, of unleavened bread.
28:23In the morning - And that in the evening too, as is evident from other scriptures; but the morning - sacrifice alone is mentioned, because the celebration of the feast began with it, and principally because this alone was doubtful, whether this might not be omitted when so many other sacrifices were offered in that morning, whereas there was no question but the evening sacrifice should be offered, when there were none other to be offered.
28:26The day of the first fruits - In the feast of pentecost, Acts 2:1 .Your weeks - The seven weeks which you are to number from the passover.