Numbers 29

The Book of Numbers
Chapter 29

Chapter Overview:

Offerings to be made in the seventh month,
  1. At the feast of trumpets, ver. 1 - 6.
  2. In the day of atonement, ver. 7 - 11.
  3. At the feast of tabernacles, ver. 12 - 40.


29:6Of the month - Belonging to every new moon.
29:7Afflict your souls - Yourselves, by fasting and abstinence from all delightful things, and by compunction for your sins, and the judgments of God, either deserved by you or inflicted upon you.
29:12Seven days - Not by abstaining so long from all servile work, but by offering extraordinary sacrifices each day. This was the Feast of Tabernacles. And all the days of their dwelling in booths, they must offer sacrifices. While we are in these tabernacles, 'tis our interest as well as duty, to keep up our communion with God. Nor will the unsettledness of our outward condition, excuse our neglect of God's worship.