Numbers 33

The Book of Numbers
Chapter 33

Chapter Overview:

An account of the marches and encampments of the Israelites, from Egypt to Canaan, ver. 1 - 49.
A strict command to drive out all the Canaanites.


33:2And Moses wrote their goings out - When they set out, God ordered him to keep a journal of all the remarkable occurrences in the way, that it might be a satisfaction to himself and an instruction to others. It may be of use to Christians, to preserve an account of the providences of God concerning them, the constant series of mercies they have experienced, and especially those turns which have made some days of their lives more remarkable.
33:4On their gods - Their false gods, namely those beasts which the brutish Egyptians worshipped as gods, which were killed with the rest, for the first - born both of men and beasts were then killed. Probably their images likewise were thrown down, as Dagon afterward before the ark.
33:10By the Red - sea - By another part of that sea which they passed over.
33:48Shittim - The place where the people sinned in the matter of Peor, is here called Abel - Shittim - Abel signifies mourning; and probably this place was so called, from the mourning of Israel for that sin, and the heavy punishment inflicted on the sinners.
33:52Drive out - Not by banishing, but by destroying them.Pictures - Which seem to have been stones curiously engraven, and set up for worship. High Places - Chapels, altars, groves, or other means of worship there set up.