Psalms 17

The Book of Psalms
Chapter 17

Chapter Overview:

David appealing to God for his integrity, begs for defence against his enemies, ver. 1 - 9.
Describes their wickedness, ver. 10 - 12.
Prays for deliverance from them, and rests in hope, ver. 13 - 15.
A prayer of David.
17:1The right - Regard my righteous cause.
17:2Sentence - Judgment on my behalf. Come - From thy tribunal.
17:3Proved - Or, searched or tried it, by many temptations and afflictions. Night - When mens minds being freed from the distraction of business, and from the society of men, they act more vigorously and freely, according to their several inclinations. Tried - As gold - smiths do metals. Nothing - Nothing of unrighteousness. Purposed - I have resolved, upon deliberation, as the word implies. Mouth - I am so far from practising against Saul's life, as they charge me, that I will not wrong him so much as in a word.
17:4Concerning - Observing the works of the men of this age, how wicked they are, I was resolved to take more care in ordering my own actions. By - By the help of thy blessed word. Paths - The customs and practices. Destroyer - Or, of the violent man: such as Saul, and his courtiers and soldiers.
17:7By - By thy great power.
17:10They - They live in splendor and prosperity.
17:11Steps - In all our ways. We go from place to place, to rocks, and caves, and woods; but wheresoever we go they are at hand, and ready to surround us. Eyes - They keep their eyes fixed upon us.Bowing - Couching down upon the earth, that they may watch the fittest opportunity to surprize us.
17:13Sword - Thy instrument to execute vengeance upon thine enemies.Do not punish me with this rod: let me fall into thy hands, and not into the hands of men.
17:14Thy hand - Wherewith thou dost correct me. World - Who set their hearts upon this world, and neither have, nor desire any other portion. Belly - Mind or appetite, as that word is used, Job 20:20 . Proverbs 20:30 .Treasure - With extraordinary wealth and glory. Children - When many of thy faithful servants are barren, these are blessed with a numerous posterity.
17:15I will - I do not place my portion in earthly treasures, but in beholding God's face, in the enjoyment of God's presence and favour; which is enjoyed in part in this life, but not fully. Satisfied - The time is coming, wherein I shall be abundantly satisfied with beholding thy face.Awake - When I arise from he dead. Likeness - With the image of God stamped upon my glorified soul.