Psalms 57

The Book of Psalms
Chapter 57

Chapter Overview:

David here begins with prayer and complaint, tho' not as without hope, ver. 1 - 6.
He concludes with joy and praise, ver. 7 - 11.
To the chief musician Al - taschith, Michtam of David, when he fled from Saul in the cave.
Title of the psalm. Al - taschith - The word signifies, destroy not.Which some think to be a preface, containing the sum of the psalm.The cave - Either
  1. That of Adullam, 22:1 , or
  2. That of Engedi, 24:1 .
57:3Send forth - Will discover them, by affording his gracious help in pursuance of his promises.
57:4Lions - Fierce and bloody men. I lie - I have my abode.On fire - From hell. Who are mere fire - brands, breathing out wrath and threatenings, and incensing Saul against me.
57:5Excited - Glorify thy power, and goodness, and justice, and faithfulness, by my deliverance. Above, &c. - To the highest degree possible.
57:7Fixed - In a stedfast belief of thy promises.
57:8My glory - My tongue, the instrument of singing.Awake - I will employ all the powers of my soul and body.
57:9The people - Among the Israelites, and among the Heathens, as I shall have occasion.