Psalms 6

The Book of Psalms
Chapter 6
David being sick both in body and mind, because he had offended God, presents his misery before him, ver. 1 - 3. Begs the return of his favour, ver. 4 - 7. Assures himself of an answer of peace, ver. 8 - 10. To the chief musician on Neginoth, upon Sheminith, A psalm of David.
Title of the psalm. Upon Sheminith - Or, upon the eighth. It is thought to be the loftiest note, as Alamoth is the lowest; but this is only conjecture; the Jews themselves have no certain knowledge of their own ancient musick.

Chapter Overview:


Bones - My inmost parts.
In death - Among the dead. Remembrance - He speaks of the remembrance or celebration of God's grace in the land of the living, to the edification of God's church, and the propagation of true religion among men; which is not done in the other life.
With my tears - It well becomes the greatest spirits to be tender, and to relent under the tokens of God's displeasure. David who could face Goliath himself, melts into tears at the remembrance of sin, and under the apprehension of Divine wrath, and it is no diminution to his character.
Hath heard - By the workings of God's grace upon his heart, he knew his prayer was accepted. His tears had a voice, in the ears of the God of mercy. Silent tears are no speechless ones. Our tears are cries to God.
Ashamed - Of their vain confidence. Return - Repent of their sins and return to their obedience.