Psalms 61

The Book of Psalms
Chapter 61

Chapter Overview:

David flees to God, and resolves to trust him, ver. 1 - 4.
Praises God from an assurance of future blessings, ver. 5 - 8.
To the chief musician upon Neginah, A psalm of David.
61:2The end - To which David was driven. Lead me - Convey me into some high and secure fortress.
61:4I will - I shall, I doubt not, be restored to the tabernacle, and worship thee there all my days.
61:5Heritage - Thou hast granted me this singular mercy, to live in God's land, to enjoy his presence, and to worship in his tabernacle; which is the heritage that all that fear thee, prize and desire above all things.
61:6Prolong - The years of my life and reign. Thus he speaks because his kingdom was not like Saul's, but established to him and his heirs; and because Christ, his son and heir, should actually, and in his own person possess the kingdom for ever.
61:7Abide - In the throne. Before God - Living and ruling as in God's presence, serving God and worshipping him in his tabernacle.Truth - Thy truth in giving me those mercies which thou hast promised, and thy mercy in giving me such further blessings as I needs.