Ezekiel 20:43

Overview - Ezekiel 20
God refuses to be consulted by the elders of Israel.
He shews the story of their rebellions in Egypt,
10 in the wilderness,
27 and in the land.
33 He promises to gather them by the Gospel.
45 Under the name of a forest he shews the destruction of Jerusalem.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezekiel 20:43  (King James Version)
And there shall ye remember your ways, and all your doings, wherein ye have been defiled; and ye shall lothe yourselves in your own sight for all your evils that ye have committed.

shall ye
6:9 Leviticus 26:39-41 ; Nehemiah 1:8-10 ; Hosea 5:15

and ye shall
16:61-63 36:31 Job 42:6 ; Jeremiah 31:18 ; Zechariah 12:10-14 ; Luke 18:13
2 Corinthians 7:11