Jeremiah 50:9

Overview - Jeremiah 50
The judgment of Babylon and the redemption of Israel.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Jeremiah 50:9  (King James Version)
For, lo, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the north country: and they shall set themselves in array against her; from thence she shall be taken: their arrows shall be as of a mighty expert man; none shall return in vain.

I will raise
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Isaiah 21:2 ; 41:25 45:1-4

an assembly
The army of Cyrus was composed of Medes, Persians, Armenians, Caducians, Sac, etc.; all of which, arranged under the Medes, came from the north.

they shall
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expert man
or, destroyer. none.
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