Judges 15:14

Overview - Judges 15
Samson is denied his wife.
He burns the Philistines' corn with foxes and firebrands.
His wife and her father are burnt by the Philistines.
Samson smites them hip and thigh.
He is bound by the men of Judah, and delivered to the Philistines.
14 He kills them with a jawbone.
18 God makes the fountain En-hakkore for him in Lehi.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Judges 15:14  (King James Version)
And when he came unto Lehi, the Philistines shouted against him: and the Spirit of the LORD came mightily upon him, and the cords that were upon his arms became as flax that was burnt with fire, and his bands loosed from off his hands.

the Philistines
5:30 16:24 Exodus 14:3 Exodus 14:5 ; 1 Samuel 4:5 ; Job 20:5 ; Micah 7:8

the Spirit
3:10 Judges 14:6 Judges 14:19 Zechariah 4:6

the cords
Judges 16:9 Judges 16:12 1 Samuel 17:35 ; Psalms 18:34 ; 118:11 Philippians 4:3

Hebrew were melted.

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