Basin [N] [S]

or Bason.

  • A trough or laver (Heb. aggan') for washing ( Exodus 24:6 ); rendered also "goblet" (Cant 7:2 ) and "cups" ( Isaiah 22:24 ).

  • A covered dish or urn (Heb. k'for) among the vessels of the temple ( 1 Chronicles 28:17 ; Ezra 1:10 ; 8:27 ).

  • A vase (Heb. mizrak) from which to sprinkle anything. A metallic vessel; sometimes rendered "bowl" ( Amos 6:6 ; Zechariah 9:15 ). The vessels of the tabernacle were of brass ( Exodus 27:3 ), while those of the temple were of gold ( 2 Chronicles 4:8 ).

  • A utensil (Heb. saph) for holding the blood of the victims ( Exodus 12:22 ); also a basin for domestic purposes ( 2 Samuel 17:28 ).

    The various vessels spoken of by the names "basin, bowl, charger, cup, and dish," cannot now be accurately distinguished.

    The basin in which our Lord washed the disciples' feet ( John 13:5 ) must have been larger and deeper than the hand-basin.

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