Mitre [S]

(Heb. mitsnepheth), something rolled round the head; the turban or head-dress of the high priest ( Exodus 28:4 Exodus 28:37 Exodus 28:39 ; 29:6 , etc.). In the Authorized Version of Ezekiel 21:26 , this Hebrew word is rendered "diadem," but in the Revised Version, "mitre." It was a twisted band of fine linen, 8 yards in length, coiled into the form of a cap, and worn on official occasions ( Leviticus 8:9 ; 16:4 ; Zechariah 3:5 ). On the front of it was a golden plate with the inscription, "Holiness to the Lord." The mitsnepheth differed from the mitre or head-dress (migba'ah) of the common priest. (See BONNET .)

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