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the common form of ancient books. The Hebrew word rendered "roll" or "volume" is meghillah , found in Ezra 6:2 ; Psalms 40:7 ; Jeremiah 36:2 Jeremiah 36:6 Jeremiah 36:23 Jeremiah 36:28 Jeremiah 36:29 ; Ezekiel 2:9 ; 3:1-3 ; Zechariah 5:1 Zechariah 5:2 . "Rolls" (Chald. pl. of sephar, corresponding to Heb. sepher) in Ezra 6:1 is rendered in the Revised Version "archives." In the New Testament the word "volume" ( Hebrews 10:7 ; RSV, "roll") occurs as the rendering of the Greek kephalis, meaning the head or top of the stick or cylinder on which the manuscript was rolled, and hence the manuscript itself. (See BOOK .)

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