Ezekiel 16:16

16 You took some of your garments to make gaudy high places, where you carried on your prostitution. You went to him, and he possessed your beauty.[a]

Ezekiel 16:16 in Other Translations

King James Version (KJV)
16 And of thy garments thou didst take, and deckedst thy high places with divers colours, and playedst the harlot thereupon: the like things shall not come, neither shall it be so.
English Standard Version (ESV)
16 You took some of your garments and made for yourself colorful shrines, and on them played the whore. The like has never been, nor ever shall be.
New Living Translation (NLT)
16 You used the lovely things I gave you to make shrines for idols, where you played the prostitute. Unbelievable! How could such a thing ever happen?
The Message Bible (MSG)
16 You took your fine dresses and made "tents" of them, using them as brothels in which you practiced your trade. This kind of thing should never happen, never. What a Sick Soul!
American Standard Version (ASV)
16 And thou didst take of thy garments, and madest for thee high places decked with divers colors, and playedst the harlot upon them: [the like things] shall not come, neither shall it be [so].
GOD'S WORD Translation (GW)
16 You took some of your clothes and made your worship sites colorful. This is where you acted like a prostitute. Such things shouldn't happen. They shouldn't occur.
Holman Christian Standard Bible (CSB)
16 You took some of your garments and made colorful high places for yourself, and you engaged in prostitution on them. These places should not have been built, and this should never have happened!
New International Reader's Version (NIRV)
16 You used some of your clothes to make high places colorful. That is where people worshiped other gods. You were a prostitute there. Things like that should never happen. They should never take place.

Ezekiel 16:16 Meaning and Commentary

Ezekiel 16:16

And of thy garments thou didst take
Which were made of fine linen, silk, and broidered work; which God had given them, and they were richly clad with: and deckedst thy high places with divers colours;
that is, with garments of divers colours; either they erected tents on their high places, made with these; or they covered their altars with them, which were on their high places for the ornament of them, as harlots deck their beds to allure their lovers; see ( Proverbs 7:16 Proverbs 7:17 ) ; or "thou hast made for thyself high places spotted" F4; so the word is rendered in ( Genesis 30:32 Genesis 30:33 Genesis 30:35 ) ; alluding to garments spotted with the flesh by adulterers. The Targum is, "thou hast made for thyself high places covered with idols": and so the Septuagint version renders it, "idols sewed together". The word, in the Talmudic language F5, has the signification of sewing. These idols were decked as children's babies are; and so the Syriac version, "thou hast made for thyself babies"; images like babies, richly dressed with their garments above described, such as the papists now have; and playedst the harlot thereon;
committed idolatry on the high places; or "with them" F6; that is, with the images and idols decked with their garments, which were set on those high places: [the like things] shall not come, neither shall it be [so];
the like idolatries shall set be committed any more; and after the Babylonish captivity worshipping of idols was not practised by the Jews; nor is it to this day: or such "things have not come yet", and there "shall not be" the like F7; the sense is, there never were such idolatries committed by this people before; and there hover shall be, or will be, the like afterwards. Kimchi's note is,

``the high places shall not come as these; as if it was said these shall not be in futurity; and there shall not be a man or a people that shall make like these for multitudes;''
so Ben Melech; and (twmb) , "high places", does agree with (twab) , "come". The Targum joins this with the preceding clause,
``"and playedst the harlot" with them, as is not right and fit''


F4 (twalj twmb Kl yvetw) "et fecisti tibi excelsa maculosa", Montanus; "excelsa conspera maculis", Calvin; "latis maculis interstincta", Junius & Tremellius, Piscator, Polanus.
F5 T. Bab. Gittin. fol. 45. 2. Misn. Celim, c. 27. sect. 6.
F6 (Mhyle) "iisque", Ar. Interp.
F7 (hyhy alw twab al) "non eventurae sunt [tales scortationes], nec erit [qui sic scortetur]", Piscator.

Ezekiel 16:16 In-Context

14 And your fame spread among the nations on account of your beauty, because the splendor I had given you made your beauty perfect, declares the Sovereign LORD.
15 “ ‘But you trusted in your beauty and used your fame to become a prostitute. You lavished your favors on anyone who passed by and your beauty became his.
16 You took some of your garments to make gaudy high places, where you carried on your prostitution. You went to him, and he possessed your beauty.
17 You also took the fine jewelry I gave you, the jewelry made of my gold and silver, and you made for yourself male idols and engaged in prostitution with them.
18 And you took your embroidered clothes to put on them, and you offered my oil and incense before them.

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  • [a]. The meaning of the Hebrew for this sentence is uncertain.
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