Interlinear Bible Mark 4

1 He began to teach again by the sea. And such a very large crowd gathered to Him that He got into a boat in the sea and sat down; and the whole crowd was by the sea on the land.
Kai; CONJ pavlin ADV h~rxato didavskein V-PAN para; PREP th;n T-ASF qavlassan. N-ASF kai; CONJ sunavgetai V-PPI-3S pro;? PREP aujto;n P-ASM o~clo? N-NSM plei'sto?, A-NSM w&ste CONJ aujto;n P-ASM eij? PREP ploi'on N-ASN ejmbavnta V-2AAP-ASM kaqh'sqai V-PNN ejn PREP th'/ T-DSF qalavssh/, N-DSF kai; CONJ pa'? A-NSM oJ T-NSM o~clo? N-NSM pro;? PREP th;n T-ASF qavlassan N-ASF ejpi; PREP th'? T-GSF gh'? N-GSF h\san. V-IXI-3P
2 And He was teaching them many things in parables, and was saying to them in His teaching,
kai; CONJ ejdivdasken V-IAI-3S aujtou;? P-APM ejn PREP parabolai'? N-DPF pollav, A-APN kai; CONJ e~legen V-IAI-3S aujtoi'? P-DPM ejn PREP th'/ T-DSF didach'/ N-DSF aujtou', P-GSM
3 "Listen to this! Behold, the sower went out to sow;
jAkouvete. V-PAM-2P ijdou; V-2AAM-2S ejxh'lqen oJ T-NSM speivrwn V-PAP-NSM spei'rai. V-AAN
4 as he was sowing, some#st3303 seed fell beside the road, and the birds came and ate it up.
kai; CONJ ejgevneto V-2ADI-3S ejn PREP tw'/ T-DSM speivrein V-PAN oJ; R-NSN me;n PRT e~pesen V-2AAI-3S para; PREP th;n T-ASF oJdovn, N-ASF kai; CONJ h\lqen V-2AAI-3S ta; T-NPN peteina; N-NPN kai; CONJ katevfagen V-2AAI-3S aujtov. P-ASN
5 "Other seed fell on the rocky ground where it did not have much soil; and immediately it sprang up because it had no depth of soil.
kai; CONJ a~llo A-NSN e~pesen V-2AAI-3S ejpi; PREP to; T-ASN petrw'de? A-ASN o&pou ADV oujk PRT ei\cen V-IAI-3S gh'n N-ASF pollhvn, A-ASF kai; CONJ eujqu;? ADV ejxanevteilen dia; PREP to; T-ASN mh; PRT e~cein V-PAN bavqo? N-ASN gh'?: N-GSF
6 "And after the sun had risen, it was scorched; and because it had no root, it withered away.
kai; CONJ o&te ADV ajnevteilen V-AAI-3S oJ T-NSM h&lio? N-NSM ejkaumativsqh, V-API-3S kai; CONJ dia; PREP to; T-ASN mh; PRT e~cein V-PAN rJivzan N-ASF ejxhravnqh.
7 "Other seed fell among the thorns, and the thorns came up and choked it, and it yielded no crop.
kai; CONJ a~llo A-NSN e~pesen V-2AAI-3S eij? PREP ta;? T-APF ajkavnqa?, N-APF kai; CONJ ajnevbhsan V-2AAI-3P aiJ T-NPF a~kanqai N-NPF kai; CONJ sunevpnixan aujtov, P-ASN kai; CONJ karpo;n N-ASM oujk PRT e~dwken. V-AAI-3S
8 "Other seeds fell into the good soil, and as they grew up and increased, they yielded a crop and produced thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold."
kai; CONJ a~lla A-NPN e~pesen V-2AAI-3S eij? PREP th;n T-ASF gh'n N-ASF th;n T-ASF kalhvn, A-ASF kai; CONJ ejdivdou V-IAI-3S karpo;n N-ASM ajnabaivnonta V-PAP-ASM kai; CONJ aujxanovmena, kai; CONJ e~feren V-IAI-3S eJ;n #st1722 triavkonta N-NUI kai; CONJ eJ;n #st1722 eJxhvkonta kai; CONJ eJ;n #st1722 eJkatovn. N-NUI
9 And He was saying, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."
kai; CONJ e~legen, V-IAI-3S J;o? R-NSM e~cei V-PAI-3S ?wta N-APN ajkouvein V-PAN ajkouevtw. V-PAM-3S
10 As soon as He was alone, His followers *, along with the twelve, began asking Him about the parables.
Kai; CONJ o&te ADV ejgevneto V-2ADI-3S kata; PREP movna?, A-APF hjrwvtwn V-IAI-3P aujto;n P-ASM oiJ T-NPM peri; PREP aujto;n P-ASM su;n PREP toi'? T-DPM dwvdeka N-NUI ta;? T-APF parabolav?. N-APF
11 And He was saying to them, "To you has been given the mystery of the kingdom of God, but those who are outside get everything in parables,
kai; CONJ e~legen V-IAI-3S aujtoi'?, P-DPM JUmi'n P-2DP to; T-ASN musthvrion N-ASN devdotai V-RPI-3S th'? T-GSF basileiva? N-GSF tou' T-GSM qeou': N-GSM ejkeivnoi? D-DPM de; CONJ toi'? T-DPM e~xw V-PAI-1S ejn PREP parabolai'? N-DPF ta; T-NPN pavnta A-NPN givnetai, V-PNI-3S
i&na CONJ blevponte? V-PAP-NPM blevpwsin V-PAS-3P kai; CONJ mh; PRT i~dwsin, V-2AAS-3P kai; CONJ ajkouvonte? V-PAP-NPM ajkouvwsin V-PAS-3P kai; CONJ mh; PRT suniw'sin, V-PAS-3P mhvpote ADV ejpistrevywsin V-AAS-3P kai; CONJ ajfeqh'/ V-APS-3S aujtoi'?. P-DPM
13 And He said to them, "Do you not understand this parable? How will you understand all the parables?
Kai; CONJ levgei V-PAI-3S aujtoi'?, P-DPM Oujk PRT oi~date V-RAI-2P th;n T-ASF parabolh;n N-ASF tauvthn, D-ASF kai; CONJ pw'? ADV pavsa? A-APF ta;? T-APF parabola;? N-APF gnwvsesqe; V-FDI-2P
14 "The sower sows the word.
oJ T-NSM speivrwn V-PAP-NSM to;n T-ASM lovgon N-ASM speivrei. V-PAI-3S
15 "These are the ones who are beside the road where the word is sown; and when they hear, immediately Satan comes and takes away the word which has been sown in them.
ouJ'toi D-NPM dev CONJ eijsin V-PXI-3P oiJ T-NPM para; PREP th;n T-ASF oJdo;n N-ASF o&pou ADV speivretai V-PPI-3S oJ T-NSM lovgo?, N-NSM kai; CONJ o&tan CONJ ajkouvswsin V-AAS-3P eujqu;? ADV e~rcetai V-PNI-3S oJ T-NSM Satana'? N-NSM kai; CONJ ai~rei V-PAI-3S to;n T-ASM lovgon N-ASM to;n T-ASM ejsparmevnon V-RPP-ASM eij? PREP aujtouv?. P-APM
16 "In a similar way these are the ones on whom seed was sown on the rocky places, who, when they hear the word, immediately receive it with joy;
kai; CONJ ouJ'toiv D-NPM eijsin V-PXI-3P oiJ R-NPM ejpi; PREP ta; T-APN petrwvdh A-APN speirovmenoi, V-PPP-NPM oiJ; R-NPM o&tan CONJ ajkouvswsin V-AAS-3P to;n T-ASM lovgon N-ASM eujqu;? ADV meta; PREP cara'? N-GSF lambavnousin V-PAI-3P aujtovn, P-ASM
17 and they have no firm root in themselves, but are only temporary; then, when affliction or persecution arises because of the word, immediately they fall away.
kai; CONJ oujk PRT e~cousin V-PAI-3P rJivzan N-ASF ejn PREP eJautoi'? F-3DPM ajlla; CONJ provskairoiv A-NPM eijsin: V-PXI-3P ei\ta ADV genomevnh? V-2ADP-GSF qlivyew? N-GSF h^ PRT diwgmou' N-GSM dia; PREP to;n T-ASM lovgon N-ASM eujqu;? ADV skandalivzontai. V-PPI-3P
18 "And others are the ones on whom seed was sown among the thorns; these are the ones who have heard the word,
kai; CONJ a~lloi A-NPM eijsi;n V-PXI-3P oiJ T-NPM eij? PREP ta;? T-APF ajkavnqa? N-APF speirovmenoi: V-PPP-NPM ouJ'toiv D-NPM eijsin V-PXI-3P oiJ T-NPM to;n T-ASM lovgon N-ASM ajkouvsante?, V-AAP-NPM
19 but the worries of the world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things enter in and choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.
kai; CONJ aiJ T-NPF mevrimnai N-NPF tou' T-GSM aijw'no? N-GSM kai; CONJ hJ T-NSF ajpavth N-NSF tou' T-GSM plouvtou N-GSM kai; CONJ aiJ T-NPF peri; PREP ta; T-APN loipa; A-APN ejpiqumivai N-NPF eijsporeuovmenai V-PNP-NPF sumpnivgousin V-PAI-3P to;n T-ASM lovgon, N-ASM kai; CONJ a~karpo? A-NSM givnetai. V-PNI-3S
20 "And those are the ones on whom seed was sown on the good soil; and they hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold."
kai; CONJ ejkei'noiv D-NPM eijsin V-PXI-3P oiJ T-NPM ejpi; PREP th;n T-ASF gh'n N-ASF th;n T-ASF kalh;n A-ASF sparevnte?, V-2APP-NPM oi&tine? R-NPM ajkouvousin V-PAI-3P to;n T-ASM lovgon N-ASM kai; CONJ paradevcontai V-PNI-3P kai; CONJ karpoforou'sin V-PAI-3P eJ;n #st1722 triavkonta N-NUI kai; CONJ eJ;n #st1722 eJxhvkonta kai; CONJ eJ;n #st1722 eJkatovn. N-NUI
21 And He was saying to them, "A lamp is not brought to be put under a basket, is it, or under a bed? Is it not brought to be put on the lampstand?
Kai; CONJ e~legen V-IAI-3S aujtoi'?, P-DPM Mhvti PRT e~rcetai V-PNI-3S oJ T-NSM luvcno? N-NSM i&na CONJ uJpo; PREP to;n T-ASM movdion N-ASM teqh'/ V-APS-3S h^ PRT uJpo; PREP th;n T-ASF klivnhn; N-ASF oujc PRT i&na CONJ ejpi; PREP th;n T-ASF lucnivan N-ASF teqh'/; V-APS-3S
22 "For nothing * is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light.
ouj PRT gavr CONJ ejstin V-PXI-3S krupto;n A-NSN eja;n COND mh; PRT i&na CONJ fanerwqh'/, V-APS-3S oujde; ADV ejgevneto V-2ADI-3S ajpovkrufon A-NSN ajll# CONJ i&na CONJ e~lqh/ V-2AAS-3S eij? PREP fanerovn. A-ASM
23 "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."
ei~ COND ti? X-NSM e~cei V-PAI-3S ?wta N-APN ajkouvein V-PAN ajkouevtw. V-PAM-3S
24 And He was saying to them, "Take care what you listen to. By your standard of measure it will be measured to you; and more will be given you besides.
Kai; CONJ e~legen V-IAI-3S aujtoi'?, P-DPM Blevpete V-PAM-2P tiv I-ASN ajkouvete. V-PAI-2P ejn PREP wJ'/ R-DSN mevtrw/ N-DSN metrei'te V-PAI-2P metrhqhvsetai V-FPI-3S uJmi'n P-2DP kai; CONJ prosteqhvsetai V-FPI-3S uJmi'n. P-2DP
25 "For whoever has, to him more shall be given; and whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him."
oJ;? R-NSM ga;r CONJ e~cei, V-PAI-3S doqhvsetai V-FPI-3S aujtw'/: P-DSM kai; CONJ oJ;? R-NSM oujk PRT e~cei, V-PAI-3S kai; CONJ oJ; R-ASN e~cei V-PAI-3S ajrqhvsetai V-FPI-3S ajpj PREP aujtou'. P-GSM
26 And He was saying, "The kingdom of God is like * a man who casts seed upon the soil;
Kai; CONJ e~legen, V-IAI-3S Ou&tw? ADV ejsti;n V-PXI-3S hJ T-NSF basileiva N-NSF tou' T-GSM qeou' N-GSM wJ? ADV a~nqrwpo? N-NSM bavlh/ V-2AAS-3S to;n T-ASM spovron N-ASM ejpi; PREP th'? T-GSF gh'? N-GSF
27 and he goes to bed at night and gets up by day, and the seed sprouts and grows -how, he himself does not know.
kai; CONJ kaqeuvdh/ V-PAS-3S kai; CONJ ejgeivrhtai V-PPS-3S nuvkta N-ASF kai; CONJ hJmevran, N-ASF kai; CONJ oJ T-NSM spovro? N-NSM blasta'/ V-PAS-3S kai; CONJ mhkuvnhtai V-PPS-3S wJ? ADV oujk PRT oi\den V-RAI-3S aujtov?. P-NSM
28 "The soil produces crops by itself; first the blade, then the head, then the mature grain in the head.
aujtomavth A-NSF hJ T-NSF gh' N-NSF karpoforei', V-PAI-3S prw'ton ADV covrton, N-ASM ei\ta ADV stavcun, N-ASM ei\ta ADV plhvrh?s? si'ton N-ASM ejn PREP tw'/ T-DSM stavcui>. N-DSM
29 "But when the crop permits, he immediately puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come."
o&tan CONJ de; CONJ paradoi' V-2AAS-3S oJ T-NSM karpov?, N-NSM eujqu;? ADV ajpostevllei V-PAI-3S to; T-ASN drevpanon, N-ASN o&ti CONJ parevsthken V-RAI-3S oJ T-NSM qerismov?. N-NSM
30 And He said, "How shall we picture the kingdom of God, or by what parable shall we present it?
Kai; CONJ e~legen, V-IAI-3S Pw'? ADV oJmoiwvswmen V-AAS-1P th;n T-ASF basileivan N-ASF tou' T-GSM qeou', N-GSM h^ PRT ejn PREP tivni I-DSM aujth;n P-ASF parabolh'/ N-DSF qw'men; V-2AAS-1P
31 "It is like a mustard seed, which, when sown upon the soil, though it is smaller than all the seeds that are upon the soil,
wJ? ADV kovkkw/ N-DSM sinavpew?, N-GSN oJ;? R-NSM o&tan CONJ sparh'/ V-2APS-3S ejpi; PREP th'? T-GSF gh'?, N-GSF mikrovteron A-NSN o^n V-PXP-NSN pavntwn A-GPN tw'n T-GPN spermavtwn N-GPN tw'n T-GPN ejpi; PREP th'? T-GSF gh'?, N-GSF
32 yet when it is sown, it grows up and becomes larger than all the garden plants and forms large branches; so that THE BIRDS OF THE AIR can NEST UNDER ITS SHADE."
kai; CONJ o&tan CONJ sparh'/, V-2APS-3S ajnabaivnei V-PAI-3S kai; CONJ givnetai V-PNI-3S mei'zon A-NSN pavntwn A-GPN tw'n T-GPN lacavnwn N-GPN kai; CONJ poiei' V-PAI-3S klavdou? N-APM megavlou?, A-APM w&ste CONJ duvnasqai V-PNN uJpo; PREP th;n T-ASF skia;n N-ASF aujtou' P-GSM ta; T-APN peteina; N-APN tou' T-GSM oujranou' N-GSM kataskhnou'n. V-PAN
33 With many such parables He was speaking the word to them, so far as they were able to hear it;
Kai; CONJ toiauvtai? D-DPF parabolai'? N-DPF pollai'? A-DPF ejlavlei V-IAI-3S aujtoi'? P-DPM to;n T-ASM lovgon, N-ASM kaqw;? ADV hjduvnanto V-INI-3P-ATT ajkouvein: V-PAN
34 and He did not speak to them without a parable; but He was explaining everything privately * to His own disciples.
cwri;? ADV de; CONJ parabolh'? N-GSF oujk PRT ejlavlei V-IAI-3S aujtoi'?, P-DPM katj PREP ijdivan A-ASF de; CONJ toi'? T-DPM ijdivoi? A-DPM maqhtai'? N-DPM ejpevluen V-IAI-3S pavnta. A-APN
35 On that day, when evening came, He said to them, "Let us go over to the other side."
Kai; CONJ levgei V-PAI-3S aujtoi'? P-DPM ejn PREP ejkeivnh/ D-DSF th'/ T-DSF hJmevra/ N-DSF ojyiva? A-GSF genomevnh?, V-2ADP-GSF Dievlqwmen V-2AAS-1P eij? PREP to; T-ASN pevran. ADV
36 Leaving the crowd, they took Him along with them in the boat, just as He was; and other boats were with Him.
kai; CONJ ajfevnte? V-2AAP-NPM to;n T-ASM o~clon N-ASM paralambavnousin V-PAI-3P aujto;n P-ASM wJ? ADV h\n V-IXI-3S ejn PREP tw'/ T-DSN ploivw/, N-DSN kai; CONJ a~lla A-NPN ploi'a N-NPN h\n V-IXI-3S metj PREP aujtou'. P-GSM
37 And there arose a fierce gale of wind, and the waves were breaking over the boat so much that the boat was already filling up.
kai; CONJ givnetai V-PNI-3S lai'lay N-NSF megavlh A-NSF ajnevmou, N-GSM kai; CONJ ta; T-NPN kuvmata N-NPN ejpevballen V-IAI-3S eij? PREP to; T-ASN ploi'on, N-ASN w&ste CONJ h~dh ADV gemivzesqai V-PPN to; T-ASN ploi'on. N-ASN
38 Jesus Himself was in the stern, asleep on the cushion; and they woke Him and said to Him, "Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?"
kai; CONJ aujto;? P-NSM h\n V-IXI-3S ejn PREP th'/ T-DSF pruvmnh/ N-DSF ejpi; PREP to; T-ASN proskefavlaion N-ASN kaqeuvdwn: V-PAP-NSM kai; CONJ ejgeivrousin V-PAI-3P aujto;n P-ASM kai; CONJ levgousin V-PAI-3P aujtw'/, P-DSM Didavskale, N-VSM ouj PRT mevlei V-PQI-3S soi P-2DS o&ti CONJ ajpolluvmeqa; V-PMI-1P
39 And He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, "Hush, be still." And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm.
kai; CONJ diegerqei;? V-APP-NSM ejpetivmhsen V-AAI-3S tw'/ T-DSM ajnevmw/ N-DSM kai; CONJ ei\pen V-2AAI-3S th'/ T-DSF qalavssh/, N-DSF Siwvpa, V-PAM-2S pefivmwso. V-RPM-2S kai; CONJ ejkovpasen V-AAI-3S oJ T-NSM a~nemo?, N-NSM kai; CONJ ejgevneto V-2ADI-3S galhvnh N-NSF megavlh. A-NSF
40 And He said to them, "Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?"
kai; CONJ ei\pen V-2AAI-3S aujtoi'?, P-DPM Tiv I-NSN deiloiv A-NPM ejste; V-PXI-2P ou~pw ADV e~cete V-PAI-2P pivstin; N-ASF
41 They became very much afraid and said to one another, "Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?"
kai; CONJ ejfobhvqhsan V-AOI-3P fovbon N-ASM mevgan, A-ASM kai; CONJ e~legon V-IAI-3P pro;? PREP ajllhvlou?, C-APM Tiv? I-NSM a~ra PRT ouJ'tov? D-NSM ejstin V-PXI-3S o&ti CONJ kai; CONJ oJ T-NSM a~nemo? N-NSM kai; CONJ hJ T-NSF qavlassa N-NSF uJpakouvei V-PAI-3S aujtw'/; P-DSM
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