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Isaiah 31:6

6 Return, you Israelites, to the One you have so greatly revolted against.

Isaiah 31:6 in Other Translations

6 Turn ye unto him from whom the children of Israel have deeply revolted.
6 Turn to him from whom people have deeply revolted, O children of Israel.
6 Though you are such wicked rebels, my people, come and return to the LORD .
6 Repent, return, dear Israel, to the One you so cruelly abandoned.
6 Return to the One the Israelites have greatly rebelled against.

Isaiah 31:6 Meaning and Commentary

Isaiah 31:6

Turn ye unto [him]
From the Egyptians, to whom they sought for help, unto the Lord, they had neglected; from evil ways and practices, idolatry and impiety, by repentance and reformation; to the true worship of God, to his word and ordinances, statutes and commands. The Targum is,

``turn to the law;''

which they had rejected and broken. These are the words of the prophet, a call of his to the people to repentance, to which they might be induced by the gracious declaration of the Lord unto them, in the preceding verses, promising them preservation and safety:

[from] whom the children of Israel have deeply revolted:
or, "made deep a revolt" F21; had gone very far back from God, and deep into sin and ruin, that their recovery was difficult; and yet their return was absolutely necessary, which ought to be done both speedily and heartily. Some think reference is had to the deep schemes they had laid, those political ones, at least, which they thought were such, in applying to Egypt for help, when they, as it is said, ( Isaiah 29:15 ) sought "deep to hide their counsel front the Lord"; in doing which they deeply departed from him, and are here called to return to him. This is said not of the ten tribes, that were gone into captivity, but of the Jews, who were the posterity of Israel also; which is mentioned, to put them in mind of their descent, as an aggravation of their sin, and as an argument for their return.


F21 (hro wqymeh) Heb. "profundam fecerunt recessionem", Piscator; "profundaverunt defevtionem", Montanus

Isaiah 31:6 In-Context

4 This is what the LORD says to me: “As a lion growls, a great lion over its prey— and though a whole band of shepherds is called together against it, it is not frightened by their shouts or disturbed by their clamor— so the LORD Almighty will come down to do battle on Mount Zion and on its heights.
5 Like birds hovering overhead, the LORD Almighty will shield Jerusalem; he will shield it and deliver it, he will ‘pass over’ it and will rescue it.”
6 Return, you Israelites, to the One you have so greatly revolted against.
7 For in that day every one of you will reject the idols of silver and gold your sinful hands have made.
8 “Assyria will fall by no human sword; a sword, not of mortals, will devour them. They will flee before the sword and their young men will be put to forced labor.

Cross References 2

  • 1. S Job 22:23; S Isaiah 1:27
  • 2. S Isaiah 1:5
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