Jeremiah 30:12

12 “This is what the LORD says: “ ‘Your wound is incurable, your injury beyond healing.

Jeremiah 30:12 in Other Translations

12 For thus saith the LORD, Thy bruise is incurable, and thy wound is grievous.
12 "For thus says the LORD: Your hurt is incurable, and your wound is grievous.
12 This is what the LORD says: “Your injury is incurable— a terrible wound.
12 "This is God's Message: "'You're a burned-out case, as good as dead.
12 For this is what the Lord says: Your injury is incurable; your wound most severe.

Jeremiah 30:12 Meaning and Commentary

Jeremiah 30:12

For thus saith the Lord, thy bruise [is] incurable
By themselves or others, in all human appearance; there was no help for them from men; their case seemed desperate; there was no likelihood of their recovery to their former state and glory, as at this day the case of the Jews appears to be; there seems to be no probability of their conversion and restoration; and whenever it is, it will be as life from the dead, ( Romans 11:15 ) ; like quickening Ezekiel's dry bones, or raising persons from the dead, which none but the hand of omnipotence can effect: [and] thy wound [is] grievous;
an expression signifying the same as before: the metaphor is taken from a body wounded and bruised in such a manner, as to be past the skill of the most able surgeon to cure it.

Jeremiah 30:12 In-Context

10 “ ‘So do not be afraid, Jacob my servant; do not be dismayed, Israel,’ declares the LORD. ‘I will surely save you out of a distant place, your descendants from the land of their exile. Jacob will again have peace and security, and no one will make him afraid.
11 I am with you and will save you,’ declares the LORD. ‘Though I completely destroy all the nations among which I scatter you, I will not completely destroy you. I will discipline you but only in due measure; I will not let you go entirely unpunished.’
12 “This is what the LORD says: “ ‘Your wound is incurable, your injury beyond healing.
13 There is no one to plead your cause, no remedy for your sore, no healing for you.
14 All your allies have forgotten you; they care nothing for you. I have struck you as an enemy would and punished you as would the cruel, because your guilt is so great and your sins so many.

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