Job 13:10

10 He would surely call you to account if you secretly showed partiality.

Job 13:10 in Other Translations

10 He will surely reprove you, if ye do secretly accept persons.
10 He will surely rebuke you if in secret you show partiality.
10 No, you will be in trouble with him if you secretly slant your testimony in his favor.
10 He'd reprimand you on the spot if he detected a bias in your witness.
10 Surely He would rebuke you if you secretly showed partiality.

Job 13:10 Meaning and Commentary

Job 13:10

He will surely reprove you
Or "in reproving he will reprove you" F18; he will certainly do it, it may be depended upon, and be expected; he will never suffer sin to go unreproved and uncorrected; he will do it to the purpose, with sharpness and severity, as the nature of the crime requires; he reproves by his spirit, and it is well for men when he thoroughly, and in a spiritual and saving way, reproves them by him, and convinces them of sin, righteousness, and judgment; and he reproves by his word, which is written for reproof and correction; and by his ministers, one part of whose work it is to rebuke and reprove men for bad practices, and bad principles; and in some cases they are to use sharpness, and which when submitted to, and kindly taken, it is well; and sometimes he reproves by his providences, by afflictive dispensations, and that either in love, as he rebukes his own children, or in wrath and hot displeasure, as others, which is here designed; and as it is always for sin he rebukes men, so particularly he rebukes for the following, as might be expected:

if ye do secretly accept persons;
acceptance of persons in judgment is prohibited by God, and is highly resented by him; yea, even the acceptance of his own person to the prejudice of the character of an innocent man; which seems to be what Job has respect unto, as appears from ( Job 13:8 ) ; and some versions render it, "if ye accept his face" {a}; and though this may be done no openly and publicly, but in a covert and secret manner, under disguise, and with specious pretences to the honour and glory of God.


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F1 (Mynp) "faciem ejus", V. L. Munster, Piscator; "personam ipsius", Beza, so the Targum.

Job 13:10 In-Context

8 Will you show him partiality? Will you argue the case for God?
9 Would it turn out well if he examined you? Could you deceive him as you might deceive a mortal?
10 He would surely call you to account if you secretly showed partiality.
11 Would not his splendor terrify you? Would not the dread of him fall on you?
12 Your maxims are proverbs of ashes; your defenses are defenses of clay.

Cross References 1

  • 1. S Leviticus 19:15; S 2 Chronicles 19:7
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