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Luke 22:51

51 But Jesus answered, “No more of this!” And he touched the man’s ear and healed him.

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And Jesus answered and said,Suffer ye thus far. And he touched his ear, and healed him.
But Jesus said, "No more of this!" And he touched his ear and healed him.
But Jesus said, “No more of this.” And he touched the man’s ear and healed him.

What does Luke 22:51 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Luke 22:51

And Jesus answered and said
Not to the question of the disciples, but either to Peter, who had done this rash action; and so the Persic and Ethiopic versions add, "to him"; or else to the multitude, suffer ye thus far;
or to them both, to Peter to stop his hand, to proceed no further, but put up his sword; and so the Arabic version reads, "refrain thyself"; and to the multitude to be easy, and not revenge the affront that was given them: and in order to pacify them, "he went to the wounded man", as the Persic version inserts, and he touched his ear and healed him;
which shows, that though the human nature of Christ was in a very low condition, yet he still retained the power of doing miracles; and also his great humanity, by which example be confirmed his precept of doing good to enemies; and likewise hereby gave full proof of his willingness to be apprehended by them; for otherwise, he that wrought such a miracle as this, could easily have delivered himself out of their hands; and one would have thought this would have put a stop to them, and have convinced them of the truth of his being a divine person, and the Messiah.

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