Luke 20:24

24 "Show me a silver coin. Whose picture and words are on it?"

Luke 20:24 Meaning and Commentary

Luke 20:24

Show me a penny
A Roman denarius, value seven pence halfpenny of our money. The Persic version adds, "they showed it, he asked of them"; and the Ethiopic version, "and they brought it, and he said unto them", as follows;

whose image and superscription hath it?
for the penny had an head upon it, with something written, as the name of the emperor, whose image it was, his titles, the date of the coin, or some motto on it:

they answered and said, Caesar's;
very likely Tiberius Caesar's, who was at that time emperor of Rome; (See Gill on Matthew 22:20) and (See Gill on Matthew 22:21).

Luke 20:24 In-Context

22 Is it right for us to pay taxes to Caesar or not?"
23 Jesus saw they were trying to trick him. So he said to them,
24 "Show me a silver coin. Whose picture and words are on it?"
25 "Caesar's," they replied. He said to them, "Then give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. And give to God what belongs to God."
26 They were not able to trap him with what he had said there in front of all the people. Amazed by his answer, they became silent.
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