Hechos 16:32

32 Luego les expusieron la palabra de Dios a él y a todos los demás que estaban en su casa.

Hechos 16:32 Meaning and Commentary

Acts 16:32

And they spake unto him the word of the Lord
That is, the Gospel; which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, as the author of it; and is concerning him, as the subject matter of it, and is what was preached by himself when on earth; this is the word, which is called the word of salvation, the word of reconciliation and peace, the word of life, the word of righteousness, and the word of faith; because it publishes salvation by Christ, peace and reconciliation by his blood, life by his death, his righteousness for justification, and proposes him as the object of faith, and encourages souls to believe in him; and faith comes by it, and it contains things to be believed: and this word Paul and Silas spake to the jailer, and opened and explained it to him for his comfort, and for the encouragement of his faith in Christ:

and to all that were in his house;
his whole family, who were all alarmed by the earthquake, and were got together into the prison; for it seems as if, after this, the jailer had them into his dwelling house, ( Acts 16:34 ) . These appear to be adult persons, such as were capable of having the word of the Lord spoken to them, and of hearing it, so as to believe in it, and rejoice at it, for faith came to them by hearing.

Hechos 16:32 In-Context

30 Luego los sacó y les preguntó:—Señores, ¿qué tengo que hacer para ser salvo?
31 —Cree en el Señor Jesús; así tú y tu familia serán salvos —le contestaron.
32 Luego les expusieron la palabra de Dios a él y a todos los demás que estaban en su casa.
33 A esas horas de la noche, el carcelero se los llevó y les lavó las heridas; en seguida fueron bautizados él y toda su familia.
34 El carcelero los llevó a su casa, les sirvió comida y se alegró mucho junto con toda su familia por haber creído en Dios.
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