Hechos 16:30

30 Luego los sacó y les preguntó:—Señores, ¿qué tengo que hacer para ser salvo?

Hechos 16:30 Meaning and Commentary

Acts 16:30

And brought them out
Of the inner prison, to some part of the prison that was more free and open:

and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?
he treats them with great reverence now, and addresses them under a title and character of honour and respect; whom but a few hours ago he despised and abhorred, and perhaps knew no name bad enough for them; he now saw himself lost and perishing, and wanted their instructions, advice, and assistance; and as most persons under first awakenings are, so he was, upon the foot of works; thinking he must do something to procure his salvation, and desires to know what it was he must do, that he might set about it directly; and it may be he had heard what the damsel possessed with a spirit of divination had frequently said of Paul and Silas, that they were the servants of the most high God, and showed unto men the way of salvation, ( Acts 16:17 ) and therefore he desires that they would acquaint him with it: his language shows, he was in earnest, and expresses great eagerness, importunity, and haste.

Hechos 16:30 In-Context

28 —¡No te hagas ningún daño! ¡Todos estamos aquí!
29 El carcelero pidió luz, entró precipitadamente y se echó temblando a los pies de Pablo y de Silas.
30 Luego los sacó y les preguntó:—Señores, ¿qué tengo que hacer para ser salvo?
31 —Cree en el Señor Jesús; así tú y tu familia serán salvos —le contestaron.
32 Luego les expusieron la palabra de Dios a él y a todos los demás que estaban en su casa.
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