Tehillim 147

1 47 Praise ye Hashem: for it is tov to sing praises unto Eloheinu; for it is na’im (pleasant); and tehillah is fitting.
2 Hashem is the Boneh Yerushalayim (builder of Jerusalem): He gathereth together the nidkhei Yisroel (the outcasts Of Israel, those of the Golus).
3 He is the Rofeh (healer) of the Shevurei-lev (broken in heart), binds up their wounds.
4 He determines the mispar of the kokhavim; He calleth them all by their shemot.
5 Gadol is Adoneinu, and of rav ko’ach; to His tevunah (understanding, intelligence) there is no mispar (number, limit).
6 Hashem lifteth up the anavim (meek ones, humble ones); He casteth the resha’im down to the ground.
7 Sing unto Hashem with todah; make music upon the kinnor (harp) unto Eloheinu:
8 Who covereth Shomayim with clouds, Who prepareth matar (rainfall) for ha’aretz, HaMatzemi’ach (Who maketh to spring up) the khatzir (grass) upon the harim (hills, mountains).
9 He giveth to the behemah her lechem, and to the bnei orev (young ravens) when they cry out.
10 He delighteth not in the gevurat hasus: He taketh not pleasure in the shokayim of an ish (legs of a man).
11 Hashem taketh pleasure in them that fear Him, in those that hope in His chesed.
12 Praise Hashem, O Yerushalayim; praise thy G-d, O Tziyon.
13 For He hath strengthened the bars of thy she’arim (gates); He hath blessed thy banim within thee.
14 He granteth shalom within thy borders, and filleth thee with the chelev chittim (the finest of wheat).
15 He sendeth forth His imrah (command) upon eretz: His Devar runneth swiftly.
16 He giveth sheleg (snow) like tzemer (wool); He scattereth the kfor (frost) like ashes.
17 He casteth down His kerach (ice) like crumbs: who can stand before His cold?
18 He sendeth out His Devar, and melteth them: He causeth His ruach to blow, and the mayim to flow.
19 He declareth His Devar unto Ya’akov, His chukkot and His mishpatim unto Yisroel.
20 He hath not dealt so with any Goy (nation): and as for His mishpatim, they have not known them. Praise ye Hashem.
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