Tehillim 4

1 (For the one directing. With stringed instruments. Mizmor Dovid.) Hear me when I call, Elohei tzidki (O G-d of my righteousness); Thou hast relieved me when I was in distress; channeini, and hear my tefillah.
2 O ye Bnei Ish, how long will ye turn my kavod into shame? How long will ye love delusion, and seek kazav (lie, falsehood)? Selah.
3 But know that Hashem hath set apart the chasid for Himself; Hashem will hear when I call unto Him.
4 Be angry, yet sin not; commune with your own levav upon your mishkav, and be still. Selah.
5 Offer the zivkhei-tzedek, and put your trust in Hashem.
6 There be many that say, Who will show us any tov? Hashem, lift Thou up the ohr of Thy countenance upon us.
7 Thou hast put simcha in my lev, more than in the time that their dagan and their tirosh increased.
8 In shalom I will both lay me down, and sleep, for Thou alone, Hashem, makest me dwell in safety.
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