Yochanan III 1:8

8 Therefore, we ought to give hachnosas orchim (hospitality) to such, in order that we may be ozrim (helpers) with HaEmes.

Yochanan III 1:8 Meaning and Commentary

3 John 1:8

We therefore ought to receive such
We who are Jews, that have believed in Christ, for such an one Gaius, it seems, as well, as the apostle, were, ought to receive such preachers of the word into our houses, and entertain them cheerfully, while they continue, and supply them with all necessaries when they depart:

that we might be fellow helpers to the truth;
that is, to the Gospel, and the propagation of it in the world: some are helpers to it, in preaching of it, by making use of the ministerial gifts bestowed upon them; and others are fellow helpers with them, to the same good work, by their purses, communicating freely to the support of those, who labour in the word and doctrine; and these latter have the honour to be co-workers, or fellow labourers with the former, as the word here used signifies. The Alexandrian copy reads, "fellow helpers to the church", that so the whole burden of taking care of these ministers might not lie upon them. The Vulgate Latin, Arabic, and Ethiopic versions read, "fellow helpers of the truth".

Yochanan III 1:8 In-Context

6 They gave eidushaft (witness of testimony) to your ahavah (agape) before the kehillah (assembly) [here]; you will do well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of Hashem.
7 For, on behalf of Hashem they went forth [in the Shlichus of Moshiach’s Kiruv Rechokim], taking nothing from the Goyim.
8 Therefore, we ought to give hachnosas orchim (hospitality) to such, in order that we may be ozrim (helpers) with HaEmes.
9 I wrote something to the kehillah [there]; but Diotrephes, who has fallen in love with being "Rosh of the Kehillah," does not receive us.
10 Oib azoi (consequently), if I come, I will remember his "ma’asim" ("works") which he does, his bringing unjustified charges against us with lashon horah (evil speech). And not being satisfied with performing these "mitzvot", he even refuses to receive the Achim b’Moshiach, and, those intending to do so, he hinders and expels out of the kehillah.