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Commentaries For Proverbs 15

  • Chapter 15

    Verse 1 A right cause will be better pleaded with meekness than with passion. Nothing stirs up anger like grievous words. Verse 2 . He that has knowledge, is to use it aright, for the good of others. Verse 3 . Secret sins, services, and sorrows, are under God's eye. This speaks comfort to saints, and terror to sinners. Verse 4 . A good tongue is healing to wounded consciences, by comforting them; to sin-sick souls, by convincing them; and it reconciles parties at variance. Verse 5 . If instruction is despised, reprove men rather than suffer them to go on undisturbed in the way to ruin. Verse 6 . The wealth of worldly men increases their fears and suspicions, adds strength to their passions, and renders the fear of death more distressing. Verse 7 . We use knowledge aright when we disperse it; but the heart of the foolish has nothing to ( proverbs 15:8-9 ) stead of Christ's atonement, or in the place of holy obedience. Praying graces are his gift, and the work of his Spirit, with which he is well pleased. Verse 10 . He that hates reproof shall perish in his sins, since he would not be parted from them. Verse 11 . There is nothing that can be hid from the eyes of God, not even man's thoughts. Verse 12 . A scorner cannot bear to reflect seriously within his own heart. Verse 13 . A gloomy, impatient, unthankful spirit, springing from pride and undue attachment to worldly objects, renders a man uneasy to himself and others. Verse 14 . A wise man seeks to gain more wisdom, growing in grace and in the knowledge of Christ. But a carnal mind rests contented, flattering itself. Verse 15 . Some are much in affliction, and of a sorrowful spirit. Such are to be pitied, prayed for, and comforted. And others serve God with gladness of heart, and it prompts their obedience, yet they should rejoice with trembling. ( proverbs 15:16-17 ) little; the Lord is with them, without the cares, troubles, and temptations which are with the wealth of the wicked. Verse 18 . He that is slow to anger, not only prevents strife, but appeases it, if kindled. Verse 19 . Those who have no heart to their work, pretend that they cannot do their work without hardship and danger. And thus many live always in doubt about their state, because always in neglect of some duty. Verse 20 . Those who treat an aged mother or a father with contempt or neglect, show their own folly. Verse 21 . Such as are truly wise, study that their thoughts, words, and actions should be regular, sincere, and holy. Verse 22 . If men will not take time and pains to deliberate, they are not likely to bring any thing to pass. Verse 23 . Wisdom is needed to suit our discourse to the occasions. Verse 24 . A good man sets his affections on things above; his way leads directly thither. Verse 25 . Pride is the ruin of multitudes. But those who are in affliction God will support. Verse 26 . The thoughts of wicked men offend Him who knows the heart. Verse 27 . The covetous man lets none of his family have rest or enjoyment. And greediness of gain often tempts to projects that bring ruin. Verse 28 . A good man is proved to be a wise man by this; he governs his tongue well. Verse 29 . God sets himself at a distance from those who set him at defiance. Verse 30 . How delightful to the humbled soul to hear the good report of salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ! Verse 31 . Faithful, friendly reproofs help spiritual life, and lead to eternal life. Verse 32 . Sinners undervalue their own souls; therefore they prefer the body before the soul, and wrong the soul to please the body. Verse 33 . The fear of the Lord will dispose us to search the Scriptures with reverence; and it will cause us to follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit. While we humbly place all our dependence on the grace of God, we are exalted in the righteousness of Christ.

  • CHAPTER 15

    Proverbs 15:1-33 .

    1. soft--tender or gentle.
    turneth . . . wrath--from any one.
    stir up--as a smouldering fire is excited.

    2. useth . . . aright--commends knowledge by its proper use.
    poureth out--utters abundantly ( Proverbs 12:23 ), and so disgusts others.

    3. beholding--watching (compare Proverbs 5:21 , Psalms 66:7 ).

    4. A wholesome tongue--(Compare Margin), pacifying and soothing language.
    tree of life--( Proverbs 3:18 , 11:30 ).
    perverseness therein--cross, ill-natured language.
    breach . . . spirit--(compare Isaiah 65:14 , Hebrew), grieves, instead of appeasing.

    5. (Compare Proverbs 4:1 , 10:17 , 13:1-18 ).
    is prudent--acts discreetly.

    6. treasure--implying utility.
    trouble--vexation and affliction.

    7. (Compare Proverbs 10:20 Proverbs 10:21 ).
    heart . . . not so--not right, or vain.

    8, 9. The sacrifice [and] prayer--are acts of worship.
    way . . . followeth . . . righteousness--denote conduct. God's regard for the worship and deeds of the righteous and wicked respectively, so stated in Psalms 50:17 , Isaiah 1:11 .

    10. (Compare Proverbs 10:17 ).
    the way--that in which God would have him to go ( Proverbs 2:13 , Psalms 119:1 ).

    11. Hell--( Psalms 16:10 ).
    destruction--or, "Abaddon," the place of the destroyer. All the unseen world is open to God, much more men's hearts.

    12. (Compare Proverbs 9:8 ).
    go unto the wise--to be instructed.

    13. maketh . . . countenance--or, "benefits the countenance."
    spirit is broken--and so the countenance is sad.

    14. (Compare Proverbs 10:21 Proverbs 10:22 ). The wise grow wiser, the fools more foolish ( Proverbs 9:9 ).

    15. The state of the heart governs the outward condition.
    evil--sad, contrasted with the cheerfulness of a feast.

    16. trouble--agitation, implying the anxieties and perplexities attending wealth held by worldlings ( Proverbs 16:18 , 1 Timothy 6:6 ).

    17. dinner--or, "allowance" ( 2 Kings 25:30 )--
    of herbs--and that the plainest.
    and hatred--(compare Proverbs 10:12 Proverbs 10:18 ).

    18. (Compare Proverbs 14:29 , 16:32 ).

    19. The difficulties of the slothful result from want of energy; the righteous find a
    plain [and open] way--literally, "a highway," by diligence ( 1 Samuel 10:7 , Psalms 1:3 ).

    20. (Compare Proverbs 10:1 ).

    21. walketh uprightly--and so finds his joy ( Proverbs 3:6 , 10:23 ).

    22. Without counsel--or, "deliberation," implying a wise deference to the opinions of the wise and good, contrasted with rashness.

    23. Good advice blesses the giver and receiver.

    24. (Compare Colossians 3:2 ). Holy purposes prevent sinning, and so its evils.

    25. The most desolate who have God's aid have more permanent good than the self-reliant sinner ( Proverbs 2:22 , 12:7 ).
    border--or, "boundary for possessions" ( Psalms 78:54 ).

    26. are pleasant words--that is, pleasing to God ( Proverbs 8:8 Proverbs 8:9 ).

    27. (Compare Proverbs 11:17 ). Avarice brings trouble to him and his.
    hateth gifts--or, "bribes" ( Exodus 23:8 , Psalms 15:5 ), and is not avaricious.

    28. (Compare Proverbs 15:14 , Proverbs 10:11 ). Caution is the fruit of wisdom; rashness of folly.

    29. far . . . wicked--in His love and favor ( Psalms 22:11 , 119:155 ).

    30. light of the eyes--( Proverbs 13:9 ). What gives light rejoiceth the heart, by relieving from anxiety as to our course; so
    good report--or, "doctrine" ( Isaiah 28:9 , 53:1 ),
    maketh . . . fat--or, "gives prosperity" ( Proverbs 3:13-17 , 9:11 ). The last clause is illustrated by the first.

    31, 32. (Compare Proverbs 10:17 ).
    reproof of life--which leads to life.
    abideth . . . wise--is numbered among them.

    32. refuseth--or, "neglects," "passes by" ( Proverbs 1:25 , 4:15 ).
    despiseth . . . soul--so acts as if esteeming its interests of no value.

    33. The fear . . . wisdom--Wisdom instructs in true piety.
    before . . . humility--(compare Luke 24:26 , 1 Peter 1:11 ); opposite (compare Proverbs 16:18 ).

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