Psalms 119:70

70 Their hearts are callous and unfeeling, but I delight in your law.

Psalms 119:70 in Other Translations

70 Their heart is as fat as grease; but I delight in thy law.
70 their heart is unfeeling like fat, but I delight in your law.
70 Their hearts are dull and stupid, but I delight in your instructions.
70 They're bland as a bucket of lard, while I dance to the tune of your revelation.
70 Their hearts are hard and insensitive, but I delight in Your instruction.

Psalms 119:70 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:70

Their heart is as fat as grease
Or tallow, a lump of it, fat or grease congealed. That is, the heart of the above proud persons, who abounded in riches, were glutted with the things of this world; had more than heart could wish, and so became proud and haughty: or their hearts were gross, sottish, senseless, and stupid, as persons fat at heart are; or as creatures over fat, which have little or no feeling: so these had no knowledge of the law of God, no sense of their duty, no remorse of conscience for sin; their hearts were hardened, and they past feeling, and given up to a reprobate mind; see ( Isaiah 6:9 Isaiah 6:10 ) ; The Targum is,

``the imagination of their heart is become gross as fat:''

the Septuagint is, "curdled like milk"; that is, hardened, as Suidas

F19 interprets it;

[but] I delight in thy law;
after the inward man; as the apostle did, ( Romans 7:22 ) ; as fulfilled in Christ; as in his hands, as King and Lawgiver; as written upon his own heart; and so yielding a ready and cheerful obedience to it; he delighted in reading the law, in meditating on it, and in observing it.

F19 In voce (eturwyh) .

Psalms 119:70 In-Context

68 You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your decrees.
69 Though the arrogant have smeared me with lies, I keep your precepts with all my heart.
70 Their hearts are callous and unfeeling, but I delight in your law.
71 It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.
72 The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.

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