Psalms 57:2

2 I cry out to God Most High, to God, who vindicates me.

Psalms 57:2 in Other Translations

2 I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me.
2 I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.
2 I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.
2 I call out to High God, the God who holds me together.
2 I call to God Most High, to God who fulfills [His purpose] for me.

Psalms 57:2 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 57:2

I will cry unto God most high
To remember him in his low estate, and who is higher than the highest, than Saul and his mighty men with him. This epithet David no doubt made use of, to encourage his faith in the Lord, who is above all, and can do all things; as follows;

unto God that performeth [all things] for me;
in a providential way, having made him, upheld him in being, fed and clothed him, preserved him, and followed him with his goodness all his days; and in a way of grace he performed all his purposes concerning him, all his promises unto him, and was performing and would perfect the work of grace in him; see ( Psalms 138:8 ) ( Philippians 1:6 ) . The Targum adds a fable by way of paraphrase on the text,

``who commanded, or prepared a spider, to perfect in the mouth of the cave a web for me;''

so it is in the king's Bible; as if, when he was in the cave, God so ordered it in his providence, that a spider should spin a web over the month of it, which prevented his persecutors from searching for him in it; but the Scripture is silent in this matter. Such a story is reported of Felix, bishop of Nola, in ecclesiastical history F13.


F13 Vid. Bochart. Hierozoic. par. 2. l. 4. c. 23. col. 611.

Psalms 57:2 In-Context

1 Have mercy on me, my God, have mercy on me, for in you I take refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.
2 I cry out to God Most High, to God, who vindicates me.
3 He sends from heaven and saves me, rebuking those who hotly pursue me—God sends forth his love and his faithfulness.
4 I am in the midst of lions; I am forced to dwell among ravenous beasts— men whose teeth are spears and arrows, whose tongues are sharp swords.
5 Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.

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