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Romans 13:5

5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

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Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.
Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God's wrath but also for the sake of conscience.
So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience.

What does Romans 13:5 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Romans 13:5

Wherefore ye must needs be subject
To the higher powers, to the civil magistrates; there is a necessity of it, because magistracy is God's ordinance, it is for the good of men; and such that oppose it will severely smart for it: but subjection to it from Christians should be,

not only for wrath;
through fear of punishment, and for the sake of escaping it; either the wrath of men or of God, in this or the other world:

but also for conscience sake:
to keep conscience clear, to exercise a good one void of offence towards God and men; for natural reason, conscience itself, dictates that there ought to be such order among men, that civil government should take place, and ought to be submitted to.

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