Mateo 4:4

4 Mas él respondiendo, dijo: Escrito está: No con solo el pan vivirá el hombre, mas con toda palabra que sale de la boca de Dios.

Mateo 4:4 Meaning and Commentary

Matthew 4:4

But he answered and said, it is written
The passage referred to, and cited, is in ( Deuteronomy 8:3 ) the manner of citing it is what was common and usual with the Jews; and is often to be met with in the Talmudic writings; who, when they produce any passage of scripture, say (bytkd) , "as it is written". The meaning of this scripture is; not that as the body lives by bread, so the soul lives by the word of God, and doctrines of the Gospel; though this is a certain truth: or that man lives by obedience to the commands of God, as was promised to the Israelites in the wilderness, and in the land of Canaan; but that God, in satisfying man's hunger, and in supporting and preserving his life, is not tied to bread only, but can make use of other means, and order whatever he pleases to answer these ends; as, by raining manna from heaven, which is mentioned in the passage cited; and therefore there was no occasion to change the nature of things, to turn stones into bread; since that was not so absolutely necessary to the sustenance of life, as that it could not be maintained without it. Our Lord hereby expresses his strong faith and confidence in God, that he was able to support him, and would do it, though in a wilderness, and destitute of supply; whereby he overcame this temptation of Satan. Christ, in this, and some following citations, bears a testimony to, and establishes the authority of the sacred writings; and though he was full of the Holy Ghost, makes them the rule of his conduct; which ought to be observed against those, who, under a pretence of the Spirit, deny the scriptures to be the only rule of faith and practice and at the same time points out to us the safest and best method of opposing Satan's temptations; namely, by applying to, and making use of the word of God.

Mateo 4:4 In-Context

2 Y habiendo ayunado cuarenta días y cuarenta noches, después tuvo hambre.
3 Y llegándose á él el tentador, dijo: Si eres Hijo de Dios, di que estas piedras se hagan pan.
4 Mas él respondiendo, dijo: Escrito está: No con solo el pan vivirá el hombre, mas con toda palabra que sale de la boca de Dios.
5 Entonces el diablo le pasa á la santa ciudad, y le pone sobre las almenas del templo,
6 Y le dice: Si eres Hijo de Dios, échate abajo; que escrito está: A sus ángeles mandará por ti, Y te alzarán en las manos, Para que nunca tropieces con tu pie en piedra.

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