Salmos 119:100

100 Más que los viejos he entendido, Porque he guardado tus mandamientos.

Salmos 119:100 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:100

I understand more than the ancients
Than those that had lived in ages before him; having clearer light given him, and larger discoveries made unto him, concerning the Messiah, his person and offices particularly, as it was usual for the Lord to do; or than aged men in his own time: for though wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, may be reasonably supposed to be with ancient men; who have had a long experience of things, and have had time and opportunity of making their observations, and of laying up a stock of knowledge; and this may be expected from them, and they may be applied to for it; yet this is not always the case; a younger man, as David was, may be endued with more knowledge and understanding than such; so Elihu; see ( Job 8:8-10 ) ( 12:12 ) ( Job 32:6 Job 32:7 Job 32:9 ) . Or, "I have got understanding by the ancients"; so Kimchi; though the other sense seems preferable;

because I keep thy precepts;
keep close to the word; attend to the reading of it, and meditation on it; keep it in mind and memory, and observe to do the commands of it; and by that means obtained a good understanding, even a better one than the ancients; especially than they that were without it, or did not carefully attend unto it; see ( Psalms 111:10 ) .

Salmos 119:100 In-Context

98 Me has hecho más sabio que mis enemigos con tus mandamientos; Porque me son eternos.
99 Más que todos mis enseñadores he entendido: Porque tus testimonios son mi meditación.
100 Más que los viejos he entendido, Porque he guardado tus mandamientos.
101 De todo mal camino contuve mis pies, Para guardar tu palabra.
102 No me aparté de tus juicios; Porque tú me enseñaste.