Salmos 119:57

57 JET. Mi porción, oh Jehová, Dije, será guardar tus palabras.

Salmos 119:57 Meaning and Commentary

(x) , CHETH.--The Eighth Part.
Psalms 119:57

CHETH. [Thou art] my portion, O Lord
Which he chose and preferred to all others; to the riches, honours, and profits of this world; the grant of which was made to him in the covenant of grace; the first discovery of it was from the Lord himself; and the choice and claim were made under the influence of his grace; and a great act of faith it is to assert this, and a wonderful blessing to enjoy it. This is a large portion indeed, immense and inconceivable, soul satisfying, safe, and for ever! see ( Psalms 73:26 ) ; I have said that I would keep thy words;
keep his commandments, lay up his promises, observe his doctrines, profess and retain them; this he determined within himself to do, under a sense of the love of God to him, in being his portion and inheritance. Some render the words, in connection with the former, thus, "my portion, O Lord, I said, [is]", or "[shall be], to keep thy words" F12; it is the part and portion of some to preach the word, and of others to hear it; and of all to keep or observe it, its precepts, promises, and truths. Aben Ezra gives the sense of them thus,

``This I said to many, perhaps they will keep thy words;''
namely, that the Lord was his portion, which he thought might induce them to an observance of them, as he had done.

F12 So Montanus, Piscator.

Salmos 119:57 In-Context

55 Acordéme en la noche de tu nombre, oh Jehová, Y guardé tu ley.
56 Esto tuve, Porque guardaba tus mandamientos.
57 JET. Mi porción, oh Jehová, Dije, será guardar tus palabras.
58 Tu presencia supliqué de todo corazón: Ten misericordia de mí según tu palabra.
59 Consideré mis caminos, Y torné mis pies á tus testimonios.