How Is God's Character Displayed in the Book of Judges?

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The character of God is displayed in a variety of ways in the Book of Judges. One of the prominent themes is God's faithfulness.

God rescues the people of Israel. He brings them into the land of promise just as He said He would do. In the covenant that He established with them at Mount Sinai, He said, "I will be your God. You will by my people." God makes a promise to be with Israel, to maintain His end of the covenant. Yet in Judges, we see a failure of the people of Israel to maintain their end of the covenant.

They continually turn away from the Lord, and yet the whole time the Lord remains faithful to his promises. He stays with them. He perseveres with them. He is faithful to do all that He has said He will do in spite of Israel's disobedience.

In this faithfulness, some other qualities of God are displayed. For example, His long-suffering is displayed. Israel repeatedly turn their back on God, yet very time God remains faithful to Israel. God remains patient with Israel. Each time they turn away from Him, here's another opportunity, perhaps for Him to sever His end of the covenant. Yet through all the sin, He remains patient with his people.

In Deborah's song for example, a different quality trait of God is displayed. She sings about His might and His power in the mighty deliverances that He is able to provide for His people.

But also, the characteristic of God's mercy is on display throughout the book as He perseveres with His people as He gives further opportunity for even his judges.

Samson has been given a unique gift by God, a unique power and ability, yet Samson seems to throw this ability away. He squanders it. He treats it as if it's a game. But then in the end, in Samson's last days, he asked for God to bless him one more time, and God shows mercy and allows for His spirit to rest upon him, and Samson brings about a judgment upon the Philistines in the Book of Judges.