What Do We Learn about Jesus in His Encounter with the Woman at the Well?

Jesus is provocative. He talked in ways that drew people in. I love that about him. He was the master of ... He didn't just tell people what to believe. He told them in such a way that it made them think. They understand it. They could picture it. Here's this woman who has as best we know just a shattered life and probably just hanging on. I don't know what it would have been like in the ancient world, but you can imagine a woman with such brokenness being desperate. Why even continue? Why even continue to live? I've got to go to the well in the middle of the day, heat of the day, because I don't want to deal with the chatter that ultimately would happen. Here she meets a man who offers her provocatively something that will quench her thirst. She didn't understand what does that mean, but it would be nice to never have to come here in the middle of the day again to quench my physical thirst.

Of course, Jesus continues the conversation by saying, "Well, let's deal with your sin." He talks about all the men that she's been with and some married. Now, she's not even married to the guy. Of course, she tries to change the subject. All along, he's got laser vision straight to the issue. He's moving her to that point of recognizing that he is what will ultimately satisfy her, and so he throws out this. He says, "You're going to drink this water, unnamed woman, and you'll be thirsty again." Everybody's like that. There is some water that will quench your thirst, that you'll never look for anything again. The reason is is not because you've not imbibed it and what not. Once it's in there, it begins to reproduce itself. Can you imagine physical water ... Have you ever been in a drought area? I mean, people are longing for a glass of water. They search days sometimes, walk miles to get just some drinking water. What if you could offer someone water, physical water, that would just reproduce itself within? Man, that'd be awesome. When it comes to your soul, how much greater is that that would satisfy you? You never have this longing that you think another man, maybe that guy, maybe that man will treat me the way I really want to in my heart. Jesus saying, "I got it. I'll offer you that thing." The interesting thing is he never quite [clearsly 00:03:03] tells her that he's the one, but he tells her that he's the source of it so I like that.