What Does "Blessed Are the Meek" Mean?

The meek, then they will inherit the earth. The sense of the meek person is the person whose will is now under the will of Christ. That you've really given up your attempts to make yourself right with God. You've really given up your attempts to put your life together on your own. You've given up any sense that you are right in yourself or that you can do something to make yourself right with God and with others, and you've just submitted your will totally to God.

It's not a sense of a person who is a weak person. It's more the idea of somebody who is now going in the right direction. I really think that when you inherit the earth ... The Kingdom of Heaven, he's talking about the Kingdom of Heaven coming to earth. Like Jesus always says, the Kingdom of Heaven is among you when He's there. So where Christ is, is where the Kingdom of Heaven is. 

Back in Genesis, Adam and Eve were called to subdue the earth, and to rule the earth. It was going to be a wonderful rule where God's will was done on every part of the earth. That was lost in the fall. Really, the call of every Christian then, is as we step into the Kingdom of God, is to bring the rule of God to the earth. Then, that's where God rules. Then that becomes our inheritance. 

So as you share Christ with others, as you lay down your life for others, as you see the Spirit work in people and bring them into the Kingdom, that becomes your inheritance.