What Should We Take away from Jesus's Conversation with Nicodemus in John 3?

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From John 3 we see that famous story that is about Nicodemus, and I love the part that Jesus is there but it's at night, and Nicodemus comes to him, and I think about how many times I sat and did not have time for someone because it was after hours or because it wasn't convenient for myself. But Jesus was available, and he took time for Nicodemus and he talked to Nicodemus, and really that's where he tells him in the John 3:16 that we so many times talk about as believers that God sent Jesus to die on the cross for us, and that is what everything is about. And so the fact that Jesus was there and just engaging in a conversation. He didn't even, that we know of, we don't see that he called Nicodemus to go more than he was ready, but he answered his questions and he was available and saying that God so loved the world, that he would send his son for him.

And we see, of course, at the end when Jesus is, after he's died, we see Nicodemus again, and it looks like he did come to know Christ, but it doesn't say it in chapter three. But I think being available for people is incredibly important, and so that's what we should all pray that we are available in that moment that the Holy Spirit would show us what to say and when to say it.