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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Jaakan Jaakobah Ja-akobah Jaala Ja-ala Ja-alah Jaala; Jaalah Jaalam Ja-alam Jaanai Jaana-i Jaar Jaare-oregim Jaare-Oregim Jaareshiah Jaasai; Jaasau Jaasau Ja-asau Jaasiel Ja-asi-el Jaasu; Jassai; Jaasau Jaazah Jaazaniah Ja-azaniah Jaaz-aniah Jaazer Ja-azer Jaaziah Ja-aziah Jaaziel Ja-azi-el Jabal Jabbok Jabesh Jabesh-Gilead Jabez Jabin Jabneel Jabne-el Jabneel; Jabneh Jabneh Jacan Jachan Jachin Jachin and Boaz Jachin And Boaz Jacimus Jacinth Jackal Jackal's Well Jacob Jacobs Well Jacob's Well Jacob, Testament Of Jacubus Jada Jadau Jaddai Jaddua Jaddus Jadon Jael Jagur Jah Jahaleel Jahath Jahaz Jahaza Jahazah Jahaziah Jahaziel Jahazi-el Jahdai Jahda-i Jahdiel Jahdi-el Jahdo Jahleel Jahle-el Jahleelites, The Jahmai Jahma-i Jahnziah Jahweh Jahzah Jahzeel Jahze-el Jahzeel And Jahziel Jahzeelites, The Jahzeiah Jahzerah Jahziel Jahzi-el Jailer Jailor Jair Jairite Jairus Jakamean Jakan Jakeh Jakim Jalam Jalon Jambres Jambri James James, Epistle of James, Epistle Of James, Protevangelium Of James, The General Epistle of James the Less James, Theology of Jamin Jaminites Jamlech Jamnia Jamnin Jamnites Janai Jangling Janim Janna Jannai Jannes Jannes And Jambres Jannes And Jambres, Book Of Janoah Janohah Janum Japhet Japheth Japhia Japhleli Japhlet Japhleti Japho Jar Jarah Jareb Jared Jaresiah Jarha Jarib Jarimoth Jarmuth Jaroah Jarvah Jasaelus; Jasael Jashar, Book Of Jashem Jashen Jasher Jasher, Book Of Jashobeam Jashobe-am Jashub Jashubi-lehem Jashubi-Lehem Jashubites, The Jasiel Jasi-el Jason Jasper Jasper; Jaspis Jasubus Jatal Jathan Jathbath Jathniel Jathni-el Jattir Javan Javelin Jaw-bone Jaw; Jawbone; Jaw Teeth Jazeel Jazer Jaziz Jealousy Jealousy, Image of Jealousy, Image Of Jealousy offering Jealousy, Water Of Jealousy, Waters of Jearim Jearim, Mount Jeaterai Je-atera-i Jeatherai; Jeaterai Jeberechiah Jebus Jebusi Jebusites Jebus; Jebusi; Jebusite Jecamiah Jechiliah Jecholiah Jechonias Jecoliah Jeconiah Jeconias Jedaiah Jeddu Jedeiah Jedeus Jediael Jedia-el Jedidah Jedidiah Jediel Jeduthun Jeeli Jeelus Jeezer Je-ezer Jeezerites Jegar-sahadutha Jegar-Saha-Dutha Jehaleleel Jehalele-el Jehalelel Jehallelel; Jehaleleel Jehaziel Jehdeiah Jeheiel Jehezekel Jehezkel; Jehezekel Jehiah Jehiel Jehieli Jehiel; Jehieli Jehiskiah Jehizkiah Jehoadah Jehoaddah; Jehoadah Jehoaddan Jeho-addan Jehoaddin Jehoahaz Jehoash Jehoash; Joash Jehohanan Jehoiachin Jeho-iachin Jehoiada Jeho-iada Jehoiakim Jeho-iakim Jehoiarib Jeho-iarib Jehonadab Jehonathan Jehoram Jehoram; Joram Jehoshabeath Jehoshabe-ath Jehoshaphat Jehoshaphat, Valley of Jehoshaphat, Valley Of Jehosheba Jehoshua Jehoshuah Jehovah Jehovah-jireh Jehovah-Jireh Jehovah-nissi Jehovah-Nissi Jehovah, Servant Of Jehovah-shalom Jehovah-Shalom Jehovah-shammah Jehovah-Shammah Jehovah-tsidkenu Jehovah-Tsidkenu (Tsidkenu) Jehozabad Jehozadak Jehu Jehubbah Jehucal Jehud Jehudi Jehudijah Jehuel Jehush Jeiel Je-iel Jekabzeel Jekabze-el Jekabzel Jekameam Jekamean Jekamiah Jekuthiel Jekuthi-el Jemima Jemimah Jemnaan Jemuel Jeopard; Jeopardy Jephthae Jephthah Jephthahs vow Jephunneh Jerah Jerahmeel Jerahme-el Jerahme-elites Jerahmeel; Jerahmeelites Jerebai Jerechu; Jerechus Jered Jeremai Jerema-i Jeremiah Jeremiah, Book of Jeremiah, Epistle Of Jeremiah, The Lamentations Of Jeremiah, Theology of Jeremias Jeremiel Jeremoth Jeremy Jeremy, The Epistle Of Jeriah Jeribai Jeriba-i Jericho Jeriel Jeri-el Jerijah Jerimoth Jerioth Jeroboam Jeroham Jerubbaal Jerubbesheth Jeruel Jerusalem Jerusalem, 1 Jerusalem, 2 Jerusalem, 3 Jerusalem, 4 Jerusalem, New Jerusha Jerushah Jesaiah Jeshaiah Jeshanah Jesharelah Jeshebeab Jeshebe-ab Jesher Jeshimon Jeshishai Jeshisha-i Jeshohaia Jeshohaiah Jeshua Jeshuah Jeshua; Jeshuah Jeshurun Jesiah Jesias Jesimiel Jesse Jesting Jesui Jesuites Jesurun Jesus Jesus Christ Jesus Christ, 1 Outline Jesus Christ, 2 Jesus Christ, 3 Jesus Christ, 4A Jesus Christ, 4B Jesus Christ, 4C1 Jesus Christ, 4C2 Jesus Christ, 4D Jesus Christ, 4E1 Jesus Christ, 4E2 Jesus Christ, 4F Jesus Christ, 5 Jesus Christ, Name and Titles of Jesus Christ, The Arrest And Trial Of Jesus, Genealogy Of Jesus Justus Jesus of Nazareth Jesus the son of Sirach Jether Jetheth Jethlah Jethro Jetur Jeuel Jeush Jeuz Jew Jewel Jewess Jewish Jew, Jewess, Jewish Jewry Jews Jews, Judaism Jezaniah Jezebel Jezelus Jezer Jezerites, The Jeziah Jeziel Jezi-el Jezliah Jezneel Jezoar Jezo-ar Jezrahiah Jezreel Jezre-el Jezreel, Blood of Jezreel, Day of Jezreel, Ditch of Jezreel, Fountain of Jezreelite Jezreelitess Jezre-elitess Jezreel, Portion of Jezreel, Tower of Jezreel, Vale Of Jezreel, Valley of Jezrielus Jibsam Jidlaph Jimna Jimnah Jimna, Jimnah Jimnites, The Jinah Jiphtah Jiphthael Jiphthahel Jiphthah-el Jirjathaim Jo-aada Joab Joachaz Joacim Joadanus Joah Joahaz Joakim Joanan Jo-anan Joanna Jo-anna Joannes Joarib Joash Joatham Job Jobab Job, Book of Job, Book Of Job, Testament Of Job, Theology of Jochebed Jod Joda Joed Joel Joelah Jo-elah Joel, Book of Joel, Theology of Joezer Jo-ezer Jogbehah Jogli Joha Johanan Johannes Johannine Theology, 1 Johannine Theology, 2 John John, First Epistle of John, Gospel of John, Gospel Of John Mark John, Second Epistle of John the apostle John, The Apostle John the Baptist John The Baptist John, The Baptize John, The Epistles Of, Part 1-3 John, The Epistles Of, Part 4-9 John, The First Epistle General of John, Theology of John, The Revelation Of John, The Second and Third Epistles of John, Third Epistle of Joiada Joiakim Jo-iakim Joiarib Jo-iarib Join Joined hard Jokdeam Jokde-an Jokim Jokmeam Jokme-am Jokneam Jokne-am Jokshan Joktan Joktheel Jokthe-el Jona Jonadab Jonah Jonah, Book of Jonah, The Book Of Jonah, Theology of Jonam Jonan Jonas Jonathan Jonathas Jonath-elem-rechokim Jonath Elem Rehokim Joppa Jorah Jorai Jora-i Joram Jordan Jordan Valley Joribus Jorim Jorkeam Jorko-am Josabad Josabdus Josaphat Josaphias Jose Josech Josedech Josedech; Josedek Joseph Joseph Barnabas Joseph Barsabbas Joseph, Husband Of Mary Joseph Of Arimathaea Joseph, Prayer Of Joseph's Dream Joseph, The Carpenter, Gospel Of Josephus Josephus; Flavius Joses Joshah Joshaphat Joshaviah Joshbekashah Joshbekesha Josheb-Basshebeth Joshibiah Joshua Joshua, Book of Joshua, Book Of Joshua, The Book of Joshua, Theology of Josiah Josias Josibiah Josiphiah Jot Jotapata Jotbah Jotbath Jotbathah Jotham Jothath Journey Joy Jozabad Jozabdus Jozacar Jozachar Jozadak Jubal Jubilee Jubilee, Cycle Of The Jubilees, Book Of Jubilee, The year of Jubilee Year Jubilee, Year of Jucal Juda Judaea Judaea, Wilderness Of Judah Judah At (Upon) The Jordan Judah, Kingdom of Judah, Kingdom Of Judah, Territory Of Judah, Tribe of Judah upon Jordan Judaism Judaizers Judas Judas Barsabbas Judas Iscariot Judas Iscariot, Gospel Of Judas, Juda Judas Maccabaeus Judas, Not Iscariot Judas Of Damascus Judas of Galilee Judas Of Galilee Judas Of James Judas, the Lords brother Judas, The Lord's Brother Juddah Jude Judea Jude, Epistle of Jude, The Epistle Of Jude, Theology of Judge Judges Judges, Book of Judges, Book Of Judges, Period Of Judges, Theology of Judging Judgment Judgment Judgment, Day of Judgment, Day Of Judgment hall Judgment Hall Judgment, Last Judgment seat Judgment Seat Judgment Seat of Christ Judgments of God Judgment, The final Judicial Blindness Judicial Courts Judicial Hardening Judith Judith, Book Of Judith, The book of Juel Jugglery Juice Julia Julius Jumping Junia Junias Juniper Jupiter Jupiter And Mercury Jurisdiction Jushabhesed Jushab-hesed Jushab-Hesed Justice Justice of God Justification Justle Justus Juttah Juttah; Jutah The Jerboa or Mouse