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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Sabachthani Sabaco; Sabakon Sabaeans Sabanneus Sabannus Sabaoth Sabaoth, The Lord of Sabat Sabateus Sabathus Sabatus Sabban Sabbateus Sabbath Sabbath and Feasts Sabbath-Breaking Sabbath, Court Of The Sabbath, Day Before The Sabbath days journey Sabbath-days journey Sabbath Day's Journey Sabbatheus Sabbath, Morrow After The Sabbath, Second After The First Sabbaths, Of Years Sabbatical year Sabbatical Year Sabbeus Sabeans Sabi Sabias Sabie Sabtah Sabteca Sabtecha Sabtechah Sacar Sachar Sackbut Sackcloth Sacraments Sacrifice Sacrifice, Human Sacrifice, In The New Testament, 1 Sacrifice, In The New Testament, 2 Sacrifice, In The Old Testament, 1 Sacrifice, In The Old Testament, 2 Sacrifice, In The Old Testament, 3 Sacrilege Sacrilege (commit) Sadamias Sadas Saddeus Saddle Sadducees Sadduk Sadoc Saffron Sail; Sailor Saint Saints Sala Salah Salamiel Salamis Salasadai Sala, Salah Salathiel Salathi-el Salcah Sale Salecah; Salcah, Salchah Salem Salemas Salim Salimoth Sallai Sallu Sallumus Salma Salmai Salmanasar Salmon Salmone Salmon; Salma Saloas Salom Salome Salt Salt, City of Salt, City Of Salt, Covenant Of Salt, Pillar Of Salt Sea Salt, The city of Salt, Valley of Salt, Valley Of Salt-Wort Salu Salum Salutation Salvation Samael Samaias Samaria Samaria, City Of Samaria, Country of Samaria, Country Of Samaritan Pentateuch Samaritans Samatus Samech Sameius Samellius Sameus Samgar-nebo Samgar-Nebo Sami Samis Samlah Sammus Samos Samothrace Samothracia Sampsames Samson Samuel Samuel, Books of Samuel, Books Of Samuel, First and Second, Theology of Samuel the Prophet Sanaas Sanabassar; Sanabassarus Sanasib Sanballat Sanctification Sanctify Sanctity, Legislation Of Sanctuary Sand Sandal Sandals Sand Flies Sand, Glowing Sand-Lizard Sanhedrim Sanhedrin Sansannah Saph Saphat Saphatias Sapheth Saphir Saphuthi Sapphira Sapphire Sara Sarabias Sarah Sarah; Sarai Sarai Sara-i Saraias Saramel Saraph Sarchedonus Sardeus Sardine Sardine, Sardius Sardin(E); Sardius Sardine stone Sardis Sardite Sardites Sardites, The Sardius Sardonyx Sarepta Sargon Sarid Saron Sarothie Sarsechim Saruch Satan Satan, Depths Of Satan, Synagogue Of Satchel Sathrabuzanes Satiate Satisfaction Satraps Satyr Saul Saul of Tarsus Savaran Save Savias Savior Saviour Savor Savour Saw Sawing Asunder Sayest Sayings, Dark Sayings, Faithful Sayings Of Jesus Sayings, Unwritten Scabbard Scabbard, Sheath Scab, Scabbed Scaffold Scale Scales Scall Scandal Scapegoat Scape-Goat Scarlet Scarlet (Worm) Scattered Abroad Scent Sceptre Sceptre; Scepter Sceva Schaaph Schism School Schoolmaster Schools Schools of the Prophets Schools Of The Prophets Science Scimitar Scoff; Scoffer Scorn Scorpion Scorpions Scorpions, Chastising With Scourge Scourge; Scourging Scourging Scrabble Screech Owl Scribes Scrip Scripture Scriptures, Search The Scripture, Unity and Diversity of Scroll Scum Scurvy Scythian Scythians Scythopolis Sea Sea, Adriatic Sea, Brazen Sea, Dead; Eastern Sea, Former Seah Sea, Hinder; Utmost; Uttermost; Western Seal Sealed, Fountain Sealskin Sea, Mediterranean Sea-Mew Sea, Molten Sea-Monster Seam; Seamless Sea Of Chinnereth Sea Of Galilee Sea of glass Sea Of Glass Sea of Jazer Sea Of Jazer Sea Of Joppa Sea Of Lot Sea Of Sodom (Sodomitish Sea Of The Arabah Sea Of The Philistines Sea Of The Plain (Arabah) Sea Of Tiberias Sear Search Searchings Search The Scriptures Sea, Red Sea, Salt Seasons Seat Sea, The Sea, The Great Sea, The molten Sea, The Molten; Sea, The Brazen Sea, The Salt Seats, Chief Sea, Western Seba Sebam Sebat Secacah Sechenias Sechu Second Adam Secondarily Second Coming Second Coming of Christ Second Death Second Sabbath Secret Sect Secu Secundus Secure; Security Sedecias Sedekias Sedition Seduce; Seducer See Seed Seer See r Seethe See thing pot Segub Seir Seirah Seirath Sela Selah Sela-hammahlekoth Sela-Hammahlekoth Sela-hammah-lekoth Seled Selemia Selemias Seleucia Sele-ucia Seleucidae Seleucus Sele-ucus Sele-ucus IV Self-Control Self, New Self-Righteousness Self-Surrender Self-Will Sell, Seller Selvedge Sem Semachiah Semaiah Semei Semeias Semein Semeis Semellius Semis Semites, Semitic Religion Semitic Languages Senaah Sena-ah Senate Senate; Senator Seneh Senir Sennacherib Senses Sensual Sent Sentence Senuah Seorim Separate Separation Sephar Sepharad Sepharvaim Sepharvites Sephela Sepphoris Septuagint Septuagint, 1 Septuagint, 2 Sepulchre Serah Seraiah Seraphim Seraph, Seraphim Serar Sered Sergeants Sergius Sergius Paulus Serjeants Sermon on the Mount Sermon on the mount Sermon On The Mount Sermon On The Plain, The Seron Serpent Serpent, Brazen Serpent-Charming Serpent, Crooked Serpent, Fiery Serpent Worship Serug Servant Servant Of Jehovah; Servant Of The Lord; Servant Of Yahweh Servant of the Lord Servant, Service Servants, Solomon's Service Servile Servitor Servitude Sesis Sesthel Set Seth Seth; Sheth Sethur Setting Settle Seven Seven Churches Seveneh Sevenfold Seven Stars Seventh, Day Seventy Seventy Disciples Seventy weeks Seventy Weeks Seventy Years Sever Several house Several; Severally Sexuality, Human Shaalabbim Shaalabbin Shaalbim Sha-albim Shaalbonite Sha-albonite, The Shaalim, Land Of Shaaph Shaaraim Sha-araim Sha-asgaz Shaashgaz Shabbethai Shachia Shaddai Shadda-i Shade; Shadow; Shadowing Shadow Shadow Of Death Shadrach Shady, Trees Shaft Shage Shagee Shahapaim Shaharaim Shahazimah Shahazumah Shalem Shalim Shalim, Land of Shalim, The land of Shalisha Shalishah, Land Of Shalisha, Land of Shalisha, The land of Shallecheth Shallecheth, The Gate Shallecheth, The gate of Shallum Shallun Shalmai Shalman Shalmaneser Shama Shamai Shamariah Shambles Shame Shamed Shamefacedness Shamefastness Shamer Shamgar Shamhuth Shamir Shamlai Shamma Shammah Shammai Shamma-i Shammoth Shammua Shammuah Shammua; Shammuah Shamsherai Shape Shapham Shaphan Shaphat Shapher Shaphir Sharai Shara-i Sharaim Shara-im Sharar Share Sharezer Sharon Sharonite Sharon, Saron Sharuhen Shashai Shasha-i Shashak Shaul Shaul; Shaulites Shaveh Shaveh-Kiriathaim Shaveh Kiriathaim Shaveh, Vale Of Shaveh, Valley of Shaving Shavsha Shawl Shawm Sheaf Sheaf; Sheaves Sheal Shealtiel She-alti-el Shear Sheariah She-ariah Shearing-house Shearing House Shearing-house, The Shear-Jashub Shear-jashub Sheath Sheba Shebah Shebam Shebaniah Sheba, Queen Of Shebarim Shebat Sheber Shebna Shebuel Shecaniah Shecaniah; Shechaniah Shechaniah Shechem Shechemites Shechemites, The Shechinah Shedeur Shed, Shedding Sheep Sheepcote; Sheepfold Sheep-fold Sheep-gate Sheep Gate Sheep-gate, The Sheep-market Sheep Market Sheep-market, The Sheep-Master Sheep-Shearing Sheepskin Sheep Tending Sheerah Sheet Shehariah Shekel Shekel Of The King's Weight, Royal Shekel Shekel Of The Sanctuary; Sacred Shekel Shekinah Shelah Shelanites Shelanites, The Shelemiah Sheleph Shelesh Shelomi Shelomith Shelomoth Shelumiel Shelumi-el Shem Shema Shemaah Shema-ah Shemaiah Shemariah Shemeber Shemed Shemer Shemida Shemidah Shemidaites, The Shemida; Shemidah; Shemidaites Sheminith Shemiramoth Shemites Shemitic Languages Shemuel Shen Shenazar Shenazzar Shenir Sheol Shepham Shephathiah Shephatiah Shephelah Shepher Shepherd Shephi Shephi, Shepho Shepho She-pho Shephupham, Shephuphan Shephuphan Sherah Sherd Sherebiah Sheresh Sherezer Sherghat, Asshur, Assur Sheriff Sheriffs Sheshach Sheshai Shesha-i Sheshan Sheshbazzar Sheth Shethar Shethar-Bozenai, Shethar-Boznai Shethar-boznai Shethar-bozna-i Sheva Shewbread Shew-bread Shewbread, Table Of Shewbread, The Shew, Show Shibah Shibboleth Shibmah Shicron Shield Shiggaion Shihon Shihor Shihor-libnah Shihor-Libnath Shihor-libnath Shihor of Egypt Shikkeron Shilhi Shilhim Shillem Shillemites, The Shillem, Shillemites Shiloah Shiloah, The waters of Shiloh Shiloh (name of a city) Shilom Shiloni Shilonite Shilonites, The Shilonite, The Shilshah Shimea Shimeah Shimeam Shimeath Shimeathites Shimei Shimeon Shimhi Shimi Shimi, Shimites Shimites, The Shimma Shimon Shimrath Shimri Shimrith Shimrom Shimron Shimronites, The Shimron-meron Shimron-Meron Shimshai Shimsha-i Shinab Shinar Shinar, The Land of Shine Shin, Sin Shion Ship Shiphi Shiphmite Shiphmite The Shiphrah Shiphtan Shipmaster Shipmen Ships Ships And Boats Shiramoth Shisha Shishak Shishak I Shitrai Shittah-tree Shittah tree, Shittim Shittah; Tree; Shittim Wood Shittim Shivers Shiza Shoa Shobab Shobach Shobai Shoba-i Shobal Shobek Shobi Shocho Shochoh Shoco Shoe Shoe; Shoe-Latchet Shoham Shomer Shophach Shophan Shore Shorten Shoshannim Shoshannim-Eduth Shoshannim Eduth Shoulder Shoulder-Blade Shoulder-Piece Shovel Show Showbread Showbread, Table Of Shower Shrine Shrines, Silver Shroud Shrub Shua Shuah Shual Shual, Land Of Shual, The land of Shua; Shuah Shubael Shuhah Shuham Shuhamites, The Shuhite Shulamite Shulamite, The Shulammite Shumathites Shumathites, The Shunammite Shunammite, The Shunem Shuni Shuni; Shunites Shunites, The Shupham Shuphamites, The Shupham; Shuphamites Shuphim Shuppim Shur Shushan Shushanchites Shushan-Eduth Shushan-eduth Shushan Eduth Shuthalhites Shuthalhites, The Shuthelah Shuthelah; Shuthelahites Shuttle Sia Siaha Sia; Siaha Sibbecai Sibbeca-i Sibbecai, Sibbechai Sibbechai Sibbecha-i Sibboleth Sibmah Sibraim Sibylline Oracles Sicarii Sichem Sickle Sickness Sick; Sickness Sicyon Siddim Siddim, Vale of Siddim, Vale Of Side Sides Sidon Sidonians Siege Sieve; Sift Sigionoth Siglos Sign Signet Signs, Numerical Signs Of The Heavens Sihimma Sihon Sihor Sihor-Libnath Silas Silence Silk Silk; Silkworm Silla Siloa Siloah, The pool of Siloam Siloam, Pool of Siloam; Siloah; Shelah; Shiloah Siloam, Towerin Siloam, Tower, in Siloam, Tower of Silvanus Silver Silverling Silverlings Silversmith Simalcue Simeon Simeonites Simeon Niger Simeon (Niger) Simeon, The tribe of Similitude Simon Simon Magus Simon Peter Simon The Canaanite; Simon The Cananaean; Simon The Zealot Simple Simplicity Simri Sin Sina Sin Against The Holy Ghost (Spirit) Sinai Sina-i Sinaiticus codex Sina, Mount Sincere; Sincerity Sinew Singers; Singing Single Single, Eye Singular Sinim Sinim, Land Of Sinim, The land of Sinite Sinites Sinlessness Sin, Man Of Sin Money Sinner Sin Offering Sin-offering Sin offering Sinon Sin unto Death Sin, Wilderness of Sin, Wilderness Of Sion Siphmoth Sippai Sippa-i Sir Sirach Sirach, Book Of Sirach, The Alphabet Of Sirah Sirah, Well Of Sirion Sisamai Sisama-i Sisera Sisinnes Sismai Sister Sister's Son Sith Sithri Sitnah Sitting Sivan Sixty Skill; Skilful Skin Skin, Coats made of Skirt Skull Skull, The place of a Sky Slander Slaughter, Of The Innocents Slaughter, Valley Of Slave Slave, Slavery Slave; Slavery Slaying Sleep Sleep, Deep Sleeves Sleight Slime Slime; Slime Pits Sling Slip Slips Slopes Slow Slow bellies Sluggard Sluice Sluices Smart Smell Smite Smith Smiting By The Sun Smoke Smote off Smyrna Snail Snare Sneeze Snow Snuffers; Snuffdishes So Soap Sober; Sobriety; Soberness Sobriety Socho Sochoh Socket Socoh Socoh; Soco Sod Soda Sodering Sodi Sodom Sodoma Sodomite Sodomites Sodomitish; Sea Sodom, Vine Of Sodomy Sod, Sodden Sojourner Solace Soldering Soldier Solemn Assembly (Meeting) Solemn meeting Solemn, Solemnity Solomon Solomon, Odes Of Solomon, Pools Of Solomon, Psalms (Psalter) Of Solomon, Song of Solomon, Song Of Solomons Porch Solomon's Porch Solomons servants Solomon's Servants Solomons Song Solomon, Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom Of Someis Sometime Son Song Song, New Song of Solomon Song of Solomon, Theology of Song Of Songs Song Of The Three Children Songs Songs Of Degrees Son-In-Law Son of David Son of God Son Of God, The Son of Man Son of man Son Of Man, The Sons Of Sons of God Sons Of God Sons Of God (New Testament) Son; Sons Son, Sonship Soothsayer Soothsayers Soothsaying Sop Sopater Sope Sophereth Sophonias Sorcerer Sorcerer; Sorcery Sore Sorek Sorek, Valley Of Sorrel Sorrow Sosipater Sosthenes Sostratus Sotai Sota-i Sottish Soul Sound Soundings Sour South South, Chambers Of The Southeast South, Queen Of The South Ramoth Sovereignty Sow Sower, Sowing Sower; Sowing Spain Span Spark Sparrow Sparta Sparta; Spartans Speaking, Evil Speaking in Tongues Spear Spearmen Spear; Spearmen Specially Speckled Spectacle Speech Spelt Spicery Spices Spice, Spices Spice; Spices Spider Spies Spikenard Spindle Spinning Spirit Spirit, Evil Spirit, Familiar Spirit, Holy Spirit Of Divination Spirits, Discernings Of Spirits in Prison Spirits In Prison Spiritual Spiritual Blessing Spiritual Body Spiritual Drink Spiritual Gifts Spiritual House Spirituality Spiritually Spiritual Man Spiritual Meat Spiritual Rock Spiritual Sacrifice Spiritual Songs Spiritual Things Spirit, Unclean (Or Evil) Spite Spit; Spittle Spittle Spoil Spoiler Spoke Sponge Spoon Sports Spot; Spotted Spouse Spread; Spreading Spring Sprinkle; Sprinkling Spue Spurious, Acts, Epistles, Gospels Spy Stablisheth Stachys Stack Stacte Sta-cte Staff Stair Stake Stalk Stall Stammerer Stanched Standard Standard-Bearer Standards Standing Stargazers Star In The East Star, Morning Star Of Bethlehem Star Of The Magi Star of the wise men Star Of Wormwood Stars Stars, Courses Of Stars, Falling; Morning; Wandering Stars, Seven Star; Stars State Stately Stater Stature Statute Staves Stay Stayed Stead; Steads Stealing Stedfast Stedfastness Steel Stephanas Stephen Steward Stewpan Stiff-Necked Still Sting Stirs Stir, Stir Up Stock Stocks Stoicism Stoics Stomach Stomacher Stone Stones Stones, Precious Stone-Squarers Stone, Stones Stoning Stool Storax Store-Cities Storehouses Stories Stork Story Story Telling Story Writer Stout Stout; Stoutness Straight; Straightway Straight Street Straightway Strain Strain at Strait Straitened Strait; Straiten; Straitly Strakes Strange, Fire Strange Gods Stranger Stranger And Sojourner (In The Apocrypha And The New Testament) Stranger And Sojourner (In The Old Testament) Strange Wife Strange Woman Strangled Strangling Straw Strawed Straw; Stubble Stream Stream of Egypt Street Strength Strength, Of Israel Stricism Strike Striker Stringed, Instruments Stripes Strive Strong and Weak Stronghold Strowed, strawed Stubble Studs Stuff Stumbling Block Stumbling-Block; Stumbling-Stone Sua Suah Subai Sub-Apostolic Literature Subas Suborn Subscriptions Substance Subtil; Subtle; Subtlety; Subtilty Suburbs Subvert Sucathites Succeed; Success Succor; Succorer Succoth Succoth-benoth Succoth-Benoth Succour Succourer Suchathites Sud Sudias Suffering Suffocation Suicide Sukkiim Sukkiims Sulphur Summer Summer-House Sumptuously Sun Sun, Chariots Of The Sunday Sundry Sun Gate Sun, Horses Of The Sun-Images Sunrising Sun, Smiting By Sunstroke Sun-Worship Sup Superfluity Superfluous Superfluous; Superfluity Superscription Superstition; Superstitious Suph Suphah Supper Supper, Lord's Supplant Supple Suppliant Supplication Supply Sup; Supper Sur Sure; Surely Surety Suretyship Surfeiting Surmisings Surname Susa Susanchites Susanna Susanna, The History Of Susi Swaddle; Swaddling-Band Swaddling clothes Swallow Swan Swearing Sweat Sweat, Bloody Sweet Cane Sweet Incense Swell Swelling Swellings Swift Swift Beasts Swine Swollen Sword Sycamine tree Sycamine, Tree Sycamore Sychar Sychem Sycomore, Tree Syene Symeon Synagogue Synagogue Of Libertines Synagogue Of Satan Synagogue, The Great Synoptic; Gospels Syntyche Synzygus Syracuse Syria Syriac Syriac Versions Syria-Maachah Syrian; Language Syrians Syrophenician Syrophoenician Syro-phoenician Syrtis Syrtis, The Syzygus The Scorpion See the The Sheep The Stork